Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Kingdom of Darkness by Andy McDermott (Nina Wilde and Eddie Chase #10)

Kingdom of Darkness

Written by: Andy McDermott
Series: Nina Wilde and Eddie Chase
Sequence in Series: Book 10
Page Count: 512 pages
Publisher: Dell
Publication Date: April 28, 2015
Rating: 5 Stars
ISBN-10: 0345537084
ISBN-13: 978-0345537089
Genre: Mystery | Suspense | Thriller
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Full of his trademark action, thrills and humour, this is Andy McDermott's most exciting novel to date and marks the 10th novel featuring his brilliant series leads, Nina Wilde and Eddie Chase.

1943 - Occupied Greece

The mission was simple: round up any hidden Jews. But beneath an isolated farmhouse, one SS unit finds a far greater bounty - a shrine to Alexander the Great and a water-filled urn possessing mysterious qualities. Taking the treasure, the Nazis disappear...

Present Day - Los Angeles

Archaeologist Nina Wilde and her husband Eddie Chase encounter a young man, desperate to warn Nina about a raid on Alexander's newly-discovered tomb. But before he can explain, he is assassinated by a Nazi war criminal - who has barely aged in seventy years.

As Nina and Eddie search for answers, they discover that the most evil regime in history is threatening to rise again. And this time they are on the hunt for the greatest prize of all - immortality...

Kingdom of Darkness: A NovelMy Review:
Kingdom of Darkness: A Novel by Andy McDermott

Kingdom of Darkness is my first adventure in the Nina Wilde and Eddie Chase world and I was shocked and amazed by this unexpected adventure.

Hooked from the start, this non-stop, action packed plot that is riddled with intrigue and mystery was a spectacular read.

I reveled in the historical aspects and devoured the paranormal twists.

I loved how McDermott pours his imagination into this artifact based thriller that sends our characters globe trotting around the world.

This is my first read by Andy McDermott but it won't be my last.

I received this ARC copy of Kingdom of Darkness from Random House - Dell in exchange for a honest review. This book is set for publication April 28, 2015.

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