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Lead Me Home by Candi Wall (Where the Heat Is #2)

Lead Me Home

Written by: Candi Wall
ISBN-13: 9781619228658
Publisher: Samhain Publishing, Ltd.
Publication date: 7/14/2015
Series: Home is Where the Heat Is
Sequence in Series: #2
Pages: 96
Genre: Contemporary Romance
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He knows just how to tame this filly, but it’ll be one wild ride.

Home Is Where the Heat Is, Book 2

As far as Chloe Garrison is concerned, Nick Westing was carved by the gods. Her one and only plan while visiting her best friend in Texas: get that sexy cowboy into her bed as often as possible until it’s time to return to New York.

After a whirlwind week she slips away, thinking it best to make a clean break. Exceptshe can’t get Nick out of her head. And when he unexpectedly walks into her office, her first instinct is to find her defenses before she loses her panties.

Nick jumped at the chance to accompany his brother to New York for a photo shoot,but now that he’s here, he’s pissed. Seems Chloe is doing everything in her power to ignore him. The tender part of him understands her need for space.

The wilder side of him teases and torments her until she finally admits she’s missed him. Even though she walks away, in his book it’s a win. Because one way or another, he’s going to convince her they belong together.

Warning: Contains a commitment-phobic city girl who wants her cowboy—and hates that she wants him. And a hot, sweet-as-sin Texan with the patience and skill to show her she belongs by his side, in his world, and in his bed.

Lead Me Home (Home is Where the Heat Is, #2)My Review:
Lead Me Home by Candi Wall

Lead Me Home is a wonderful contemporary romance.

Jaded city girl, Chloe Garrison, gets up close and personal with cowboy, Nick Westing. Every since she met Nick, she’s been drawn to him. She sets her sites on a “vacation” fling while visiting her best friend and makes it very clear to Nick that all. But even with the time they share, Chloe's heart begins to crack open...making her run.

Nick decides to joins his brother on a photo shoot for Chloe in NYC; all of Chloe’s perfectly constructed guards begin to crumble. Nick sees her pain but he knows she is worth fighting for and will do everything he can to smash that crumbling wall and make sure it falls to dust.

Lead Me Home is a seductive and highly sexual read. Both Nick and Chloe enjoy plenty of play time which leads to many sexual encounters; boy do they really heat up the pages.

Nick’s seduction of Chloe is quite sweet. He keen insight into both Chloe’s hidden and visible personas. Although he is willing to give her time to work through her issues, Nick also pushes her gently and erotically the right direction.

If you are looking for a hot and steamy contemporary romance, Lead Me Home is excellent choice.

I received this ARC copy of Lead Me Home from Samhain Publishing in exchange for a honest review. This book is set for publication July 14, 2015.

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