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Mortal Threat by A. J. Tata (Threat #4)

Mortal Threat
by A.J. Tata

My rating: 4 stars

Series: Threat - Book 4
Publication Date: January 15, 2015
Publisher: Washburn Books
ISBN: 9781475605020
Genre: Adult Mystery | Thriller
Print Length: 362 pages
Available from: Amazon | Barnes & Noble


Medical school student Amanda Garrett and American doctors working secretly in Africa have found a cure for the Ebola and Human Immunodeficiency Viruses.

Leaders of the Islamic State want the cure so they can show the world Islam is a benevolent religion that all Africans should follow.

The President of the United States believes an alleged 30,000-year-old Sub-Saharan religious text called The Book of Catalyst identifies him as being of divine origin.

As Amanda operates her portion of the clandestine CIA Project Nightingale in a Tanzanian orphanage, she is attacked and chased by brutal killers called The Leopard and The Cheetah. Amanda has 48 hours to escape across the Serengeti Plain before the remaining vials of the cure expire.

The Islamic State escalates attacks across the Middle East using freshly converted fighters from Africa. The American President, however, chooses not to deploy sufficient troops to save U.S. Special Forces, including Amanda's husband, assisting in the air war against ISIS.

As Amanda attempts to save the rapidly decomposing formula for the Ebola and HIV cures, she finds herself at the center of a clash between warring media titans, Jonathan Beckwith and Zhor al Rhazziq, who are following her every step toward the Olduvai Gorge, which some scientists claim to be the origin of human life.

Mortal Threat (Threat, #4)My Review
Mortal Threat by A. J. Tata

Mortal Threat by A.J. Tata had me from the blurb, and the cover. I needed it and was hit between the eyes when I discovered it was book four in a series. Not nice, NetGalley, not to warn us! That said, they are forgiven, because with a little of my own imagination and a few carefully added sentences, I was in for the long haul, on board for the intrigue, the danger, the political machinations and the rapid-fire pace.

Medical school student Amanda Garrett along with some American doctors have found a cure for the Ebola and Human Immunodeficiency Viruses. But their secret lab in Africa has been compromised. Islamic leaders want the cure to show the world how amazing their religion is, that their beliefs are the true ones, the most powerful and kind. Meanwhile an ancient text convinces the US President he is more than a mere mortal man. Islamic attacks throughout the Middle East are growing and the US is doing little to save the operatives trapped in the region. Not enough action for you?

The lab is attacked, and Amanda is being chased by two villainous killers. She has escaped with the last of the serum, but its shelf-life is limited. Can she avoid capture and save this priceless medicine? The clock is ticking and lives are on the line, time for some clandestine operations headed by one ticked off father and a team of brave warriors. Will they arrive in time?

A.J. Tata can create edge of your seat atmosphere, while ramping up the action to breakneck speeds. Orchestrating simultaneous scenes and actions also seems to be a gift he holds. Want to feel like a part of the action, the tension and the chase? I’m thinking that would be best served by starting with the first book, because even starting the series mid-stream I was exhausted by the end!

I received this copy from Washburn Books in exchange for my honest review.

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