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Only for You by E.L.Todd (Forever and Always, #1)

Only for You
by E.L. Todd

My rating: 5 stars

Series: Forever & Always, #1)
Publication Date: December 21, 2013
Publisher: Fallen Publishing
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Print Length: 311 pages
Available from: Amazon | Barnes & Noble


When Scarlet realized Penelope was dumping Sean, her best friend, she was devastated. Penelope was the love of his life, the woman of his dreams. Scarlet knew how far her best friend was going to fall and she had to catch him. Scarlet became Sean’s rock and helped him through a very painful breakup, but her own hidden desires bubbled to the surface in the process. When they finally gave in and slept together, she thought it was the start of their new relationship. Unfortunately, Sean didn’t feel the same.

Humiliated and heartbroken, Scarlet moved across the country and found what she least expected. She rekindled her damaged relationship with her brother, who she hadn’t spoken to in a year, and her brother’s best friend was attractive and interesting. Their relationship was natural and unforced, and she was immediately drawn to him. Would she be able to get over Sean, forget about him, by sleeping with Cortland, or would that just be another repeated mistake?

My Review
Only for You by E.L.Todd

Lack of communication and complete misunderstanding is always, ALWAYS the key ingredient to heartbreak, heartache and devastation, not to mention embarrassment. Scarlet and Sean have been best friends forever, never crossing that line of being friends with benefits, until the woman of Sean’s dreams dumps him with brutal efficiency. As Scarlet was there for her best friends, something happened, a need for human contact? A need to validate one’s worthiness to be loved and wanted? Whatever it was, Sean assumed it was a one-time deal, and Scarlet lost her heart, thinking they had crossed over into the realm of boyfriend/girlfriend. When the the next most humiliating day of her life came less than 24 hours later, Scarlet ran, far and fast, lost, alone and afraid. What was there to keep her here? Her ex-boss was a pig, literally waving body parts in her face in exchange for work favors and promotions and she had no one who cared, not even Sean.

To family was the only place Scarlet could think of, and her protector/brother whom she had not seen in a while was there for her. So was one of his best friends, but is that what Scarlet needed? In spite of everything, she loves Sean and always would…bad things happen to good people and it seems Scarlet is once again in the middle of another problem, but this time, she is the one who can help her brother. Is she growing up emotionally? Is she getting over Sean? Was it time to cut the final strings that lead from Sean to her heart?

Only For You by E. L. Todd is almost too realistic to handle from the heartbreak, the mistakes made in all corners and the feelings of deep, deep pain from Scarlet. Was Sean so perfect that he had earned her love? Being drawn completely in, like a fly on the wall, I wanted to strap that girl down and talk some sense into her. I then wanted to share a piece of my mind with Sean, I mean, really? Talk about being self-centered and needing to get over himself! Sure, he was hurting from a break up, so wouldn’t he have been more sensitive to Scarlet and the message he was sending? Loved Scarlet’s brother, what a guy, even with his own set of problems.

So, I’m going to say that E. L. Todd can write drama! I didn’t need to agree with her characters, or even like them, but on the “art imitates life” scale, this is a gut-clenching, frustration building ten! And yes, I am off to start the second in this series in 3…2…1…antacids in hand...I just feel something HUGE is going to happen!

I received this copy from E.L. Todd in exchange for my honest review.

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