Sunday, April 19, 2015

Rise by Scarlett Dawn (Cold Mark #4)

by Scarlett Dawn

My rating: 5 stars

Series: Cold Mark - Book 4
Publication Date: April 9, 2015
Publisher: Scarlett Dawn
ISBN-13: 9781511703925
Genre: Science Fiction | Suspense | Fantasy
Print Length: 86 pages
Available from: Amazon | Barnes & Noble


USA Today bestselling author, Scarlett Dawn, scorches the pages with her fourth installment of The Cold Mark Saga, where secrets are revealed and heinous acts jump to life...

Braita Valorn has found herself in another precarious situation. A battle rages on the shores of Joyal and the Mian are shaking the sand with their war cries. Trapped below ground inside the President's bunker, Braita isn't even safe.

When steel doors are blown and gunfire erupts, Human blood floods the ground. The Mian won't stop. They'll never give up the fight until they're satisfied.

Judgments are made, an archaic stand within Mian laws, and Braita finds herself charged with treason. But never one to sit during a battle, she risks her last chance of release on one set of Plumas. Will Braita find herself in more trouble of her own making or will she rise past atrocity to obtain her freedom?

Rise (Cold Mark, #4)My Review
Rise by Scarlett Dawn 

Welcome back to Braita’s life and the world she must try to exist in. Scarlett Dawn pulls out the stops and kicks in a few twists that I didn’t see coming, but as usual she pulls it off with her dynamic flare for filling just a few pages with a lot of action! Rise opens with turmoil and ends with turmoil, but in between? That’s where the real meat and potatoes are. Braita has made a mess of things, no surprise there, but come on, it’s all in the name of freedom-hers! The Mian warriors are out for blood, anyone’s blood if they get in their way, and have deemed Braita a traitor. She must risk her life to seek refuge with one set of Plumas, but will they welcome her back with open arms or will Braita have to rely on another to escape to freedom? Is it possible she will never be free? What about that little gem of her heritage?

Scarlett Dawn has shown great restraint in not divulging too much before the final “reveal.” Watching the changes in Braita as she comes of mental and emotional age has been worth the journey, and the wait to see how her journey ends is killing me! Flat out, Scarlett Dawn has done it, again! Signature action, signature kinks, it’s all here in a quick read that fits perfectly into a tight schedule!

I received this copy from Scarlett Dawn in exchange for my honest review.

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