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SEED by D. B. Nielsen (Keepers of Genesis #1)

by D.B. Nielsen

My rating: 5 stars

Series: Keepers of Genesis - Book 1
Publication Date: May 7, 2014
Publisher: LBLA Digital
ISBN: 1908879181
Genre: NA Fantasy | Intrigue
Print Length: 434 pages
Available from: Amazon |Barnes & Noble


A powerful, hidden artefact is unearthed in modern day Iraq and, with its discovery, an ancient conflict is reignited. Seventeen-year-old Sage Woods, the daughter of an eminent archaeologist working at the British Museum recently relocated from Australia, uncovers the artefact’s disturbing secret and is placed in terrible danger. Unwittingly, she has stumbled into an invisible war between two primordial dynasties of a supernatural order – a war in which she has a fateful role to play in a race to control the power of the SEED. Embroiled in a quest that takes her from the British Museum to the Louvre to the Vatican Secret Archives, Sage realises that her blossoming romance with the mysterious, alluring St. John Rivers is inextricably tied to the artefact. Up until now, St. John has managed to keep his true identity hidden, but Sage is determined to delve deeper to uncover his dark secret and his connection to the SEED. It is a decision that will have a devastating effect on humankind… 

SEED (Keepers of Genesis, #1)My Review
SEED by D. B. Nielsen

With all of the zest and determination of a teen, ignoring the fact that she has been told NOT to disturb her archeologist father in his office, Sage plows through his door and her life becomes the thing of myth, the supernatural and ancient history coming to life. So, maybe not her best move, but a highly secret artifact is communicating with her, she feels the secrets it keeps locked away. What does it mean for her? Sage becomes fascinated by the inhumanly handsome and charismatic St. John Rivers, who is also part of her father’s team of experts, but he runs hot and cold, one minute the dashing flirt, the next he is the absent-minded professor, ignoring her while lost in his thoughts. But is her really just another brilliant human or is their more to how he always seems to show up in Sage’s life? The artifact is part of a supernatural war between two dynasties and Sage has been chosen by fate to become part of this war. What if she chooses wrong in her quest for answers and to understand this ancient piece? She and St. John will travel across Europe in search of clues to save the world, do they lie in the archives at the Vatican? Will she discover St. John’s true identity, as well as the identities of the warring factions? Winner takes all, including the fate of the world’s souls, and the clock is ticking as each hour becomes more dangerous for Sage and her guardian, St. John. Their feelings must be set aside, possibly forever, but is that fair?
Action, adventure, mystery and a touch of the supernatural, a battle going back in time thousands of years, is there some mystical secret held within the artifact; does it touch on religious beliefs from long ago? Seed by D. B. Nielsen is more than a fast-paced journey into the unknown, the unimaginable. D.B. Nielsen has blended truth, suppositions and an author’s imagination into a read that becomes spell-binding, to say the least!

Do you like the hunt for ancient treasures with unexplainable powers and dark secrets? Do you get chills from knowing an artifact holds the future of the world in its secrets? D.B. Nielsen has a feast for your senses with Seed. With characters and scenes that scream, can you believe this? There is no choice but to answer YES!, the writing is that powerful, the tale that intense. If this is the future of N/A reading, I would say, the literary world should be celebrating with gusto! Get ready for one of the best games of supernatural cat and mouse to hit the decks running!

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