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Spit in Its Eye by R.J. Will (Love Through the Ages, #5)

Spit in Its Eye
by R. J. Will

My rating: 5 stars

Series: Love Through the Ages - Book 5
Publication Date: March 25, 2015
Publisher: R.J. will
Genre: Romantic Fiction
Print Length: 102 pages
Available from: Amazon | Barnes & Noble


The final book of Love Through the Ages, a five-book set of contemporary romance novellas by R. J. Will.

Paul Remington is a retired newspaper columnist in a mid-sized Nebraska city. His wife, Ruth, is artistic director of the city's amateur theater. Both are highly regarded, well known and much loved members of the community
But Paul and Ruth are not who they pretend to be. They have a "dirty little secret" they have kept hidden from everyone, even their family, for decades. But as they near their 70s, the burden of that secret is becoming too much to bear. So they decide, at the risk of humiliation and shame, to tell all.

As difficult as that is, it is nothing compared with what comes next – an enemy no one has ever beaten. In the face of certain defeat, will their deep love for each other finally waver?

Spit in Its EyeMy Review
Spit in Its Eye by R.J. Will 

Two young people met, fell in love and began a life together filled with love, respect and friendship. Paul and Ruth are now in their “Golden Years,” enjoying the fruits of their labors, free to use their life experiences in ways that they enjoy. They have worked hard in their community and have earned the respect and regard of their fellow citizens and friends in their small town, but at a time when they should be worry-free and not having to put on any appearances growing clouds are casting shadows on the beautiful life they have shared. They have kept a secret from the world and their son, but the death of a very dear friend may accidentally expose a past others would frown upon. Is it time to come clean, to finally lift the burden from their hearts and shoulders?

Another heartbreaking truth is being uncovered and there will be no hiding it, as this loving couple will be torn apart, but not through death. A love that has lasted a lifetime knows no limits, but will this test prove too difficult to overcome or will it strengthen their bond, even if only one knows it?

R.J. Will has brought his Love Through the Ages series to a close with what I believe is the best of the series! Spit in its Eye is the heartbreaking, yet often humorous tale of a couple who has been through every stage of life and marriage and are into the final chapters together. Mr. Will’s depiction of Paul and Ruth will make you feel right at home in their world, kind of like going to your “cool” grandparents’ home. The love of family is obvious, as is the love of independence while having that safe harbor to come home to when it is needed. You will love the warmth these characters display, their dignity through strife as you also witness their fear and acceptance of an unknown future that could shred what they have had.

Every stage in a couple’s life brings them one step closer to the ultimate bonding of two souls and Mr.Will has taken us on a journey through each stage with grace and a sense of humor, as he exposes what makes these relationships work. As the trials get harder, the power of love shines through, no matter how much it may hurt at times. If I could pick a series that I could recommend to everyone from a young couple in love to those who have seen decades of life, this would be it. I would say, read, learn, and remember.

I received this copy from R. J. Will in exchange for my honest review.

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