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The Book of Genevieve by Mark Boyd (A Dragon's Tale, #2)

The Book of Genevieve
by Mark Boyd

My rating: 5 stars

Series: A Dragon's Tale - Book 2
Publication Date: June 13, 2014
Publisher: Mark Boyd
ISBN-13: 9781499301496
Genre: Fantasy | Fantasy
Print Length: 508 pages
Available from: Amazon | Barnes & Noble


In the course of one days time, Princess Genevieve Cheval discovers that her ears are starting to point, that she is really the daughter of an Elven Princess that died giving birth to her and that she has inherited the only weapon that can kill the evil beast overtaking the forbidden forest…which also happens to be the step-brother she never knew she had.
Drawn into the forbidden forest by a mysterious dream, Genevieve is led to Queen Bellaserena of the Pegasaurs by two young elven brothers. She discovers the Queen is with foal and due at any moment. Delivering the young one, Genevieve saves the life of the Queen and her son with the weapon she’d inherited from her dead mother. Bellaserena informs Genevieve that the young Princess is destined to a power and a life greater than she’d ever imagined. Now, not only seeking her elven family of origin, she finds out that she is an integral part of the Prophecy as told in the ancient Dragon Book of Lore. Embroiled in battle to save the forest and her elven kinsmen from the bloodvine, she soon discovers there is an ancient evil set to destroy her and the man she loves, King Leto Sargovia. Aware that this is a battle to the death, she is ready to commit to any action that will allow the Prophecy to manifest.

The Book of Genevieve (A Dragon's Tale, #2)My Review
The Book of Genevieve by Mark Boyd

When an author takes on the second addition to a fantasy series, hopes run high, the question is raised, “Can he do it?” Can he create the same spellbinding magic and unleash our imaginations enough to return to his world of dragons, and other mythical creatures? The Book of Genevieve by Mark Boyd proved to me, that, YES HE CAN!

Going back to Leto’s world, the ever-mounting pressure to fulfill the Prophesy and what? Romance? Leto is now king and evil is still trying to stop him from his destiny, but he now has an ally in an elven princess, Genevieve, who has an inherited power to put the final nail in the coffin of evil, but first she and Leto must stay alive long enough to be a part of the greatness they are said to be destined for. Their journey will be long, dark and dangerous, but future of the realm is held in their hands. Through it all, their love grows gently, almost regally, gifting them with a bond that cannot be broken. They live together or they die together, you know, the kind of romances in fairytales, filled with love and respect.

Will the different races see their union as a giant step toward peace in the land or a threat? How can they celebrate their union with some much strife around them? The time has come the fulfill the final pieces of the Prophecy.

Mark Boyd has been playing at being a writer/magician again, as he re-creates the feel and essence of his Dragon’s Tale world. He fleshes out each character more fully and demonstrates the maturity they have cultured. Filled with quirky characters, feisty characters and the darkness of the vile characters, there is no doubt as to who has the black hearts. Mr. Boyd has written another wonderfully smooth-flowing tale that feels “out of this world” and given it just enough action and tension to feel larger than life. Welcome to his world, you may not want to leave as soon as you meet elves, dwarves and more, as well as get reacquainted with those from the first book. Again, heroes will die, but new ones will arise.

I received this copy from Mark Boyd in exchange for my honest review.

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