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The Second Son by Paul W. Nielsen

The Second Son
by Paul W. Nielsen

My rating: 5 stars

Publication Date: March 15, 2015
Publisher: Morehead publishing Inc
Genre: Medical Thriller | Suspense |Supernatural
Print Length: 313 pages
Available from: Amazon | Barnes & Noble


Dr. Jason Corey has it all — good looks, a great career, money and the love of a beautiful woman. His life would be perfect except for one thing, the young Seattle ER physician is not who he thinks he is. Unexplainable events emerge in his life sending him on a quest for the truth of who he is, but no one could imagine the nature of his being.

Jason wins his battle for truth and survival, but an unseen evil force isn’t done with him. The triple twist ending leaves the reader awestruck and wondering what now?

There have been countless books and TV shows about emergency medicine, but none of them reveal what The Second Son does in this mind twisting suspense novel. It is filled with plot twists and surprises certain to keep the reader turning pages.

The Second SonMy Review
The Second Son by Paul W. Nielsen 

You go to the Emergency Room, YOU need immediate medical attention and that is all that matters. Imagine being on the other side of that coin. Life and death decisions need to be made in a split second, the physicians in the ER must remain cool and calm no matter what they are faced with. They have to play “God” in the eyes of the patient’s family, in control and non-hurried, even when every breath is at stake. Dr. Jason Corey is one of those doctors constantly under the gun in Seattle, but something is happening that he cannot explain, his touch is more than just healing. Is he losing his mind? Is there something special about him, something that is being kept from him?

The more he questions, the further he spirals into a world he could never have dreamed of. When the smoke clears, what will he discover? Will his “power” be useful when he needs it most or has this all been a very bad dream?

Paul W. Nielsen, an ER head physician himself, brings the world he lives in day to day to vivid and stark detail, no sugar-coating in his latest medical suspense, The Second Son. Do doctors really feel like gods? Is it possible that one may have good reason to feel that way or has he finally broken under the pressure of his choices? Paul Nielsen piles on twist after twist as his main character makes unbelievable discoveries. Fast-paced, written in a crisp and bold style, enter his world and ask yourself, would I have what it takes or would I splinter under the pressure? Is it Divine Guidance that makes the rules in the Emergency Room or could it be something more scientific?

If the mystery of the medical field, the intrigue of a story well-told and the peeling back of each layer of suspenseful twists are part of your MUST HAVES in your reading, trust me, it’s all here in The Second Son. Miracles, mysteries and unanswered questions make this a phenomenal tale.

I received this copy from Paul W. Nielsen in exchange for my honest review.

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