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The World Without a Future by Nazarea Andrews (The World Without End #1)

The World Without a Future
by Nazarea Andrews

My rating: 5 stars

Series: The World Without End - Book 1
Publication Date: December 1, 2013
Publisher: A&A Literary
ISBN: 0989479927
Genre: New Adult Dark Fantasy
Print Length: 359 pages
Available from: Amazon | Barnes & Noble


She was born the day the world ended…

Nurrin has lived her entire life with zombies—trapped behind walls meant to keep them safe. She’s mostly happy there. But when a zombie horde breach the walls of her Haven, she has to trust her brother, Collin, and his best friend to keep her alive.

He just wants his past to die…

Finn O’Malley has given up on voicing warnings that are ignored. No one cares that the zombies are changing. Now all that matters is keeping Collin and Nurrin safe from what’s outside the walls of a Haven. But when Nurrin’s best friend picks up a contact infection, he agrees to get the medicine needed to save his life. Forced together, relying on each other in a strange Haven, zombies aren’t the most dangerous thing they’re facing.

In their world, only one thing remains true: everything ends in blood.

The World Without a Future (The World Without End, #1)My Review
The World Without a Future by Nazarea Andrews 

On the day Nurrin was born, the world as humanity knew it came to a brutal and bloody end. On that day, the infected began to roam the world, destroying everything in their path, the human population has been decimated and only a few carefully constructed compounds exist. What are the infected? In a word, zombies, but not the shuffling and slow zombies we all figure we could outrun, these creatures can be inhumanly fast and human blood and flesh is like a 5 star meal for them. And they are learning to take out one compound at a time, breaching the walls of the humans’ defenses.

How could you not grow up tough? Nurrin has only her brother, a wall guard left as family, her boyfriend and her worst nightmare, Finn O’Malley, her brother’s best friend and one of the fiercest and most daring warriors around. The feeling appears to be mutual, but there is more to Finn than meets the eye, okay, he does an excellent job of hiding his redeeming qualities and can be very difficult to like. Nurrin has had to be tough to survive, she has attitude, snark and rarely shows fear, and she hates to be protected by others, especially Finn.
The day they had to run for their lives, only Finn had a plan, the means and the place where they could be safe. This is their story, one of survival, in a world with few values left, where it’s every man for himself, survival of the fittest or the most feared and Finn is close to the top of the heap. So who is he? Why does he stir something inside Nurrin? Why isn’t she afraid of him?

Hands down, I’m going to say, the changes in POVs was perfect, chaotic and added so much atmosphere to a world gone insane. The World Without a Future by Nazarea Andrews had me from page one with a bold style of writing that doesn’t ask the reader to like the characters, but to put themselves in the world that has shaped each character. Sadly, honor and order have pretty much been erased, along with trust and reaching out to others to lend a hand without strings being attached. In your face action, tension that sears through your mind and danger at every turn, the unusual romance that may or may not be budding seems to be another victim of the apocalypse, one cannot risk getting too close or trusting too much.

I received this copy from Nazarea Andrews in exchange for my honest review.

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