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Tomorrow Is A Long Time by Tabitha Vohn

Tomorrow Is A Long Time
by Tabitha Vohn

My rating: 5 stars

Publication Date: November 23, 2014
Publisher: Tabitha Vohn
ISBN-13: 9781499200188
Genre: Fantasy | Romance
Print Length: 392 pages
Available from: Amazon | Barnes & Noble


Cal Morrison is a Midwestern farmboy who was thrust into fame during the Old Hollywood era. Now, at eighty-five, he sees his life as wreckage. At the mere age of twenty-four, Eileen has seemingly little in common with Cal, except that she fell in love with him on screen.

When Cal and Eileen meet by chance, she discovers that her feelings for him are not without merit, and he sees in her a chance for true love and, more importantly, for redemption.

A controversial experiment offers the key to them both. With the help of a German scientist, Eileen will enter Cal’s memory and, together, the two will create an alternate reality within the realm of dreams. Replacing the memory of his first wife (his leading lady in his most controversial film, The Last Tomorrow), Eileen will step into the 1960’s and discover whether love can exist between her and Cal, and whether loving him unconditionally will be powerful enough to alter the course of his destructive future.

But there is one thing that neither has fully considered: what happens once they wake?

Tomorrow is a Long Time asks the question of how powerful one person’s influence can be in our lives, the lengths we go to for love, and whether it is worth it.

Tomorrow Is A Long TimeMy Review
Tomorrow Is A Long Time by Tabitha Vohn

Remember having a crush on an actor in your youth? Sure, you were a child and that special character was an adult, but he made an impression on you, no matter the role he played. That is what happened to young Eileen, and even as an adult, Cal was the standard that she used to measure every boy she met, impossible fantasy, or not. Now an accomplished musician, Eileen has her own fame and following, including one eighty-five year old man, beaten down from bad choices, life under the microscope of stardom and having failed so many, including himself.

Cal is now a fan of Eileen’s and they spend hours talking and connecting as two young lovers might. What if the decades between them could be washed away and they could relive part of Cal’s life, together? Something of dreams, you say? That is exactly the proposal made to them by a German scientist who claims to be able to allow them to live together through shared dreams. Will these dreams create memories for the two of them to share and remember when they awaken and return to the real world? Will these two souls finally find the peace that has eluded them? What are the risks beyond broken hearts and shattered souls? Is one moment of real love enough to last a lifetime?

Tomorrow Is A Long Time by Tabitha Vohn will touch you in so many ways, from the memories of young crushes to two people making a connection that runs deeper than love, in spite of the decades of living that separates them. Ms. Vohn has built a beautiful love story around the fantasy of shared dreams coming to life and done so with lyrical quality to her words. This evenly paced tale is one to be savored as two worlds collide with emotion. Guiding us back through time, we are invited to learn what makes Cal tick and how he feels about his life, while Eileen realizes her dreams of being his one and only. Will life be a bowl of cherries or will those natural roadblocks arise as they choose to work through them or run. What would their lives be like if they were born into the same era? At times haunting, beautiful and heart-warming, Ms. Vohn has a strong style of writing as she brings her characters to life.

I received this copy from Tabitha Vohn in exchange for my honest review.

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