Wednesday, April 1, 2015

True Violet by Vivian Winslow (The Guilded Flowers #9)

True Violet
by Vivian Winslow

My rating: 4 stars

Series: The Gilded Flower Series - Book 9
Publication Date: March 31, 2015
Publisher: Vivian Winslow
Genre: Adult Erotic Romance
Print Length: 208 pages
Available from: Amazon


In this final installment of The Gilded Flower Series, shocking secrets are revealed and the long-buried truth comes out.

Things are heating up for Vi in Dubai, and it's not just the desert climate. Vi is starting to come into her own—having the hottest sex of her life and poised to take over her father's multinational conglomerate. Yet, her suspicions are confirmed when she uncovers a plot to destroy not just her but her best friends' lives. With an unlikely ally, Vi seeks to ruin those behind the plot. Will Vi be able to have it all and find her lasting happiness in the arms of the man she loves?

True Violet (The Gilded Flower Series, #9)My Review
True Violet by Vivian Winslow

Life for Violet is looking good, both on the business front and in her love life. So why is someone trying to ruin her? Who is behind this dark plot that could bring Vi, Lily and Dahlia crashing down? While she begins to sizzle as strong leader in the boardroom, her love life is nothing short of a pyrotechnic show. But will she find Mr. Right, the one man who can take her as she is, warts and all? Is asking to have it all too much? Secrets are uncovered and truths are revealed. Is Vi ready for it all?

Vivian Winslow has saved the best for last as she takes us on a twisted journey through all things Violet. True Violet gives Vi some room to run with her gut and show her strength, but will she finally find her own version of an HEA? Don’t expect an easy or predictable answer to that question, because this IS Violet we are talking about!
A hot and sensual series about life, dreams and marching to your own drummer.

I received an ARC edition from Vivian Winslow in exchange for my honest review.


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