Monday, April 20, 2015

Undercurrent by Jen Minkman

by Jen Minkman

My rating: 5 stars

Publication Date: April 9, 2012
Publisher: Jen Minkman
Genre: Poetry
Print Length: 24 pages
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There is no dream
there is no real
I dance around you
but I cannot feel.'

Jen Minkman (1978) is a Dutch author writing her poetry in English. Her influences are Suzanne Vega, Tori Amos and Yoko Ono. 'Undercurrent' is her first volume of poetry. She writes chicklit and paranormal romance for a Dutch publishing house in Arnhem.

UndercurrentMy Review
Undercurrent by Jen Minkman 

Writers are the artists of the written word, from their vivid imaginations to their ability to cobble a tale together from singular words. I’ve read Jen Minkman’s work, but I was still in awe of her poetry. There is no flash, no points of shock, just gently flowing words on a page and tell the poet’s thoughts in their bare simplicity. This is not high school poetry leaking tears and angst, these are like soft breezes that do not overpower the senses.

If you are still reeling from school required poetry reading, here’s another chance to let poetry redeem itself, just for the enjoyment of it. You may find yourself going back and picking up those tomes from school and seeing the real beauty in poetry, not dissecting structured cadence, every hidden meaning, and laying your own work beneath the teacher’s read pen. (I still get shivers from that.) Settle back and relax, read and feel the words of Jen Minkman.

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