Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Vampire (Alpha Claim 5) by Tamara Rose Blodgett & Marata Eros (Brief-Bites Novelette)

Vampire (Alpha Claim 5)
by Tamara Rose Blodgett

My rating: 5 stars

Series: - Alpha Claim - Book 5
Publication Date: April 3, 2015
Publisher: Tamara Rose Blodgett
Genre: Dark Fantasy | Suspense
Print Length: 60 pages
Available from: Amazon


Being turned isn't everything it's cracked up to be. Narah's a vampire, yet not. Because of a twist of fate and circumstance, Narah finds she's tied to both Aeslin and Matthews.

She's now wanted as a deserter from sentencing by the very people she fought beside. And Magistrate Oren still wants his final lash—at any cost.

From opposing forces, Murphy and Marc find a common goal in helping Narah return to her former life. However, Aeslin and Matthews have other plans, ones that involve her soul—and her heart.

When everyone is taken from Narah, and a sadist holds the reins to her sanity, can the males fulfill their promise to protect her, or will Narah be left to fight this battle alone?

Vampire (Alpha Claim 5) (Brief-Bites Novelette)My Review
Vampire (Alpha Claim 5) by Tamara Rose Blodgett & Marata Eros

Have you stayed away from novelettes and serials, thinking there is no author on Earth who could give you enough meat to bite into? Take a look at Vampire – Alpha Bites 5 and the entire series and be part of the dark magic of Tamara Rose Blodgett and her bestie, the unfiltered Marata Eros.
Everyone wants Narah, but not for the best of reasons. She is now a vampire, with a little something extra. It had to be done to save her life, but now she is tied to two fierce warriors, who will stop at nothing to keep her safe! Awkward or perfection? Now that she has become a fugitive on the run, she will need all of the help she can get, but will it be enough? How can she undo the damage that has been inflicted on her very soul? Talk about learning who you can truly count on and who deserves to die, just let her at him!

Best way to spend a quick escape from reality ever! Fast, furious, dark and dangerous, this Brief Bite has the chops to hang on tight from start to finish! The duo of Tamara Rose Blodgett, famous for her wit and banter, earthy dialogue and incredible cutting edge imagination and Marata Eros, independent thinking author who knows no filters or bounds have done it again! If you breathe, you’ll love these great escapes from the predictable time spent in reality. Grab the series, love the characters, and hang on tight for the perfectly timed and executed action.

I received this copy from Tamara Rose Blodgett, (or was it Marata Eros?) in exchange for my honest review.

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