Saturday, May 16, 2015

Automaton by Amanda Clemmer

by Amanda Clemmer

My rating: 5 stars

Publication Date: May 22, 2015
Publisher: Amanda Clemmer
Genre: Steampunk | Sci-fi
Print Length: 112 pages
Available from: Amazon | Barnes & Noble
Last Thursday I awoke to learn that I died almost a month ago. I was rebuilt from a highly experimental process of clockwork and cloning, and I don’t know why. One man knows my secret—my creator, the lead of the Leona Scientific Laboratory. He says knowledge isn’t free. I say that unless I know why I’m here, he’s the one who’s going to pay.

My friend Jack Beasley has offered his help. He has inside knowledge about the laboratory and the man who runs it. I think he also knows something about me that he isn’t sharing. There’s no one I can trust now. Not even myself.

Automaton by Amanda Clemmer

AutomatonAda Stirling awoke to discover that even though she was walking, talking and feeling alive, she wasn’t. She had died in an accident, and she wasn’t even Ada! Ada/Not Ada was the supreme clockwork clone, a series of nuts, bolts, liquids and electronic memories of her old self all wrapped up in a cloned exterior. She is the product of her best friend’s genius under the masterful guidance of a brilliant, yet mysterious man. But is this man good or evil? How did Ada die and what purpose does the new Ada/Not Ada serve? Is she the only automaton created or could there be more like her?

Grab your sunglasses for this brilliant new look at steampunk and science from Amanda Clemmer! Automaton may be a novella, but it packs a wallop! Ms. Clemmer’s tale has gathered all of the atmosphere of the steampunk era with a dash of Frankenstein and 007 sprinkled in, from the creation of Ada to her built-in or added on gadgets and gizmos. This author’s imagination is right at the top of the fantasy heap with great characters, a world filled with all the trimmings of mechanicals and a few other huge surprises and mysteries thrown in.

Great pacing, wonderful dialogue, scenes that feel dimensional and Ms. Clemmer’s own brand of writing promise to entice even those who have never escaped into the world of steampunk. With a feisty heroine, a geeky, mechanical genius best friend and the dark and secretive head scientist, is there a true villain or is there more to all of this than meets the eye?

I received an ARC edition from Amanda Clemmer in exchange for my honest review. Keep your eye out for more from this author and definitely give Automaton top billing on your TBR list!

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