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Cadence: Secrets of Wings by R. L. Lib

Cadence: Secrets of Wings
by R.L. Lib

My rating: 4 stars

Publication Date: May 16, 2015
Publisher: R.L. Lib
ISBN-13: 9781511518109
Genre: YA Fantasy | Ages 12-18
Pages: 350
Available from: Amazon | Barnes & Noble
When demons corrupt the souls of the innocent, angels take matters into their own hands…
Cadence, a half angel, descends from Heaven to save a damaged soul from evil. Cadence discovers that this is no ordinary mission and she is not a typical angel.
When Cadence discovers her miraculous abilities, she is in desperate pursuit of the truth. Her quest to save the girl intertwines with a thick web of secrets.
After an adventure overflowing with evil, forbidden love, enemies, loyalty, blood, and sacrifice, Cadence is guided towards the truth. When she untangles the secret of her wings, nothing will ever be the same.
 Cadence: Secrets of Wings by R. L. Lib

Cadence: Secrets of WingsThink being an angel doesn’t have its problems? For half-angel Cadence, being sent to Earth to help a human girl in need of a friend and some happiness, there is a boatload of foreign emotions and some amazing gifts as she finally learns what it is like to be human.

Cadence: Secrets of the Wings by R.L. Lib is a “human” twist on angelic beings, following the rules and fighting both angst and evil while discovering the true meaning of your purpose in the world.
Cadence has never known life on Earth, but she has known forbidden emotions for another angel. Mikhail is her mentor, yet she feels more than angelic love for him. Are all demons evil or can they have just drawn the short straw in the game of Fate? Is it possible to save a demon from the depths of evil? Is Cadence strong enough to save one lonely girl from demonic clutches?

R.L. Lib has taken the eternal fight for souls to an earthly level that reads pure “life and trials of teens.” From high school bullying and heartbreak to confusing emotional feelings like anger and jealousy, using Cadence (who never had the chance to be a teen) was perfect, a true stroke of creative genius, because really, did YOU get a rehearsal to prepare you for the world of hormonal turmoil? Her characters ran the gamut from protective and grandmotherly to pure deadly evil, yet it is Cadence’s inner turmoil that speaks the loudest as she is entangled in emotions and events foreign to her. R.L. Lib allowed us to watch Cadence grow from an often whiny soul to a young woman coming into her own and recognizing the special gifts she has had bestowed on her, as well as her true purpose in the world.

A delightful, teen, younger teen read proving even angels get tangled up feelings when the heart is involved!

I received this gifted copy as a Giveaway winner.

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