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Crystal Horizon: A Short Prequel to Crystal Deception by Doug J. Cooper

Crystal Horizon
A Short Prequel to Crystal Deception
by Doug J. Cooper

My rating: 5 stars

Published March 26th 2015 by Douglas Cooper Consulting
Genre: Sci-fi | Thriller
Number of pages: 43
Available from: Amazon
Crystal Horizon is a short prequel to futuristic thriller Crystal Deception.

This exciting adventure gives new readers the opportunity to sample the series and meet some of the characters. Perhaps you’ll enjoy yourself so much, you’ll want to read the full length books?

It also gives current fans the backstory on Sid and Cheryl. This prequel takes place five years before the time of Crystal Deception, where we meet Cheryl as a captain of a military space cruiser and Sid as a covert warrior for the Defense Specialists Agency.

We learn in Crystal Deception that Sid and Cheryl have a shared history and, in particular, a romantic relationship that has somehow gone awry. In Crystal Horizon, we join them on the day they first meet and we experience that history with them.

Crystal Horizon: A Short Prequel to Crystal Deception by Doug J. Cooper

Crystal Horizon: A Short Prequel to Crystal DeceptionTell the truth, we all love a little gossip sometimes, or at least we want to know “the rest of the story.” The obvious tension and familiarity of two powerful warriors in Crystal Deception begs the question, “What’s with them?” Like a good parent, author Doug J. Cooper nips all questions in the bud by finally revealing the past relationship between Sid and Cheryl from its inception as trainees assigned as partners to young lovers in a budding romance that may or may not stand the test of time and distance as they each pursue their chosen paths. As partners in training they are like two well-matched bookends, each complimenting the other’s talents and strengths, but off the training field, are they as well-matched?

Crystal Horizon is the big reveal, the rest of their story and Doug J. Cooper has once again, taken us back to the future, where technology is far advanced, but the mystery of the human heart remains unchanged. With brilliant details and pulse-pounding action, I felt myself wanting to hit my com button and warn Sid and Cheryl of danger. Not to fear, Mr. Cooper has given them that warrior spirit that is daring enough to take on all challenges, and in Sid’s case, makes it seem like his idea of fun while, thankfully, Cheryl uses her brains, rapid-fire analysis to plan her moves.

Should you read this prior to the rest of the series, up to you, sometimes it’s more fun to get the scoop after, especially when Doug J. Cooper is doing the telling!


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