Friday, May 15, 2015

Defend by Kallie Ross A Lost Tribe (Book 2)

by Kallie Ross

My rating: 5 stars

Series: A Lost Tribe - Book 2
Publication Date: May 21, 2015
Publisher: Kallie Ross
Genre: YA Fantasy - 13 years +
Number of pages: 206
Available from: Amazon | Barnes & Noble
After emerging from her Descent into an uncharted underground world, Ollie Miller is sure of three things. First, her feelings for her best friend, Mateo, are far from platonic. She can't even look at Mateo without blushing at the memory of his lips on hers. Second, an evil man named Zadok is plotting to destroy the civilization above the surface. Third, there is no way to save the earth without returning underground. At least this time, she will have her mother along with Mateo and her friends to help guide her.
On their journey, noor, a mystical blessing guides them, but only if they’re willing to follow. Ollie’s determined to save the tribe from their evil leader, even if it means facing off with her long-lost grandfather. As Zadok comes face to face with his runaway daughter and his granddaughter, his plan starts to unravel, but is it too late to stop the destruction that he put into motion? Can the tribe survive and the surface be saved? Will Ollie learn to trust her own heart before it is too late?
Defend is the conclusion to Ollie's discovery of a lost tribe in Descent. Don’t miss this adventure, brimming with ancient secrets and a thrilling underworld.

Defend by Kallie Ross 
Defend: A Lost Tribe (Book 2)When will parents stop keeping the REALLY BIG secrets from their kids? Ollie has only recently learned who or what she is, or anything about her mother’s past and family. Now she is faced with an awful truth, the most powerful leader of the world underground may be ready to destroy everyone, and she may be the last chance to save the world from a crazed and power-hungry man, the grandfather she never met.

Kallie Ross takes us to another journey to the depths of the underground where a civilization has lived undetected for eons. With a special gift, noor, they have lived a relatively peaceful life, but the evil and twisted leader, Zador has literally been sucking the joy right out of them. Ollie, her mother and her friends may be Earth’s last defense. Welcome to Ms. Ross’ world in Defend, another brilliantly imaginative tale of good versus evil, the love of family, honor and the search for goodness, even in a hardened heart. Ollie has grown up, and is a great role model for teens, along with her best friend, Mateo. There is action, adventure, the unknown, hope, it’s all here and pieced together like an intricate puzzle. Get ready to explore caves, passageways and tunnels, smell the ancient dust and dirt far below our world and be amazed at the civilization that hides below our feet.

Another wonderful fantasy trip with Kallie Ross behind the wheel with characters that avoid the teen angst because, really, when survival is at stake, people grow up fast!

I received an ARC edition from Kallie Ross in exchange for my honest review.

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