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Kalarum: The Stone Tablet by Dee Willis (The Kalarum Trilogy, #1)

Kalarum: The Stone Tablet
by Dee Willis

My rating: 4 stars

Series: The Kalarum Trilogy - Book 1
Publication Date: March 10, 2015
Publisher: Creativ Leaf Publishing Company
Genre: Adult Fantasy
Print Length: 317 pages
Available from: Amazon

The Land of Kalarum is in the mist of the Dark Hour – a time that was prophesied centuries ago – and to defeat it, the stone tablets must be reunited as one. After the attack on Tinsgates, Belcrest barely escapes with his life. Severely wounded he makes his way to Hollow Woods. It is there he meets Nasira – High Captain of the Vycar Legion.

Unknowingly, the evil creatures that attacked Tinsgates had stolen one of the tablets. Unable to reunite them all, the Elven Chieftain tasked them with gathering the remaining stones. Since the tablets were dispersed to various races within the land – which they had no clue existed – they had to rely upon legend to guide their journey and quickly the 19 year old Nasira learns that the land she had known is full of mystery and shocking truths. Legend and myth become reality and there is no turning back from the road she must now travel.
Kalarum: The Stone Tablet by Dee Willis

Kalarum: The Stone Tablet (The Kalarum Trilogy Book 1)Join the journey of the human Belcrest and the elven warrior, Nasira as they brave sword, dagger and the elements to bring the different races together, with tablets in hand. One tablet is missing and it is feared that evil incarnate has it, so the urgency to keep the remaining three from him is paramount. Heroes will fall, some never to rise again, but their deaths cannot be in vain…

Kalarum: The Stone Tablet by Dee Willis is true fantasy, as in the tales of long ago when dwarves and elves, humans and other races knew of each other, a time when prophecies and magic and destiny were powerful forces in shaping the world. From the dwarves with their stilted language, hot tempers and short and stocky builds to the elven people with their graceful movements, pointed ears and brilliant war strategies and training.

Our human, Belcrest, was the sole survivor of an attack on his village, but knows nothing of his role in the destiny of the world. His true heart and sense of honor combined with the weaponry expertise of Narisa make a front that seems to hold more than mere allies, another message to ignore race and differences and feel the e love and goodness in others.

Dee Willis has written a fantasy lover’s dream, because clearly I was no longer in the Earth realm but transported to another place and time with more vibrant colors, deeper emotions and a sense of true camaraderie among strangers. Beautiful scenes, fierce battles and the great battle of good versus evil, returning to reality seemed kind of tame, and I had no idea how good I was with a sword!

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