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Love Lies Bleeding by Lori J. Fitzgerald (Wood & Stone, #1)

Love Lies Bleeding
by Lori J. Fitzgerald

My rating: 5 stars

Series: Wood & Stone - Book 1
Publication Date: May 1, 2015
Publisher: White Raven Writing LLC
Genre: Mythology & Folk Tales
Print Length: 34 pages
Available from: Amazon

 The forest is waiting...
Aislin's life wasn't always a wasteland of brittle grass and empty survival on her family's medieval farm. As a child, Aislin's wild heart was nourished with dreams of forest adventure, tales of a terrible creature within its depths, and a special game played with a willow tree. Now, years later, Aislin is sent to the forest's edge on her father’s errand and discovers an old message, carved into the willow…
Aislin, find the door in the oak.
These words set her on an enchanted path towards an ancient grove and its powerful Forest Lord, whose love and gift of a bloodstone necklace unleash the wildness in her own heart, sending her underground to the earth's wellspring of magic. But soon her father makes a desperate deal with their landlord to keep the farm. It will take both the Forest Lord and a Unicorn's dangerous magic to change her fate...but what price must Aislin pay to keep her lover and her wild heart?

Love Lies Bleeding: the Lady of the Forest is Part One of Wood & Stone, a series of connecting tales filled with folkloric transformation, startling self-discovery, and love as deep and timeless as an ancient tree, set in the medieval and modern worlds. 

Love Lies Bleeding by Lori J. Fitzgerald

Love Lies Bleeding (Wood & Stone Part One)Never underestimate the power of well-chosen words! Love Lies Bleeding by Lori J.Fitzgerald brings the tale of a free-spirited girl and the Spirit of the Forest into your heart as it pricks long ago memories of feeling the magic of fairytales dancing through your mind.

Young Aislin always felt the call of the forest, beckoning her, surrounding her with warmth, but young girls grow up and reality seems to get in the way of fantasy and childhood musings. When her life takes a horrendous turn and becomes a living nightmare, only the magic of the forest can bring her eternal joy and love.

Centered on the very soul of myths and legends, the Celtic world, magical beings, life, tragedy and the final ultimate enchantment of happiness is full to overflowing with the magic of Lori J. Fitzgerald’s words.

I received this ARC edition from Lori J. Fitzgerald in exchange for my honest review.

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