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Myth and Magic by Mae Clair

Myth and Magic
by Mae Clair

My rating: 5 stars

Publication Date: June 9, 2015
Publisher: Lyrical Press
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Print Length: 280 pages
Available from: Amazon | Barnes & Noble

As children, they played games of myth and magic…

Veronica Kent fell in love with Caith Breckwood when they were children. As a teenager, she was certain he was the man she was destined to marry. But a traumatic event from Caith's past led him to fear a future together. He left Veronica, hoping to save her from a terrible fate. Twelve years later, Caith, now a P.I., is hired to investigate bizarre incidents at the secluded retreat Veronica manages. Returning to his hometown, Caith is forced to face his nightmares—and his feelings for the woman he’s always loved.

Then one day, the monsters became real.

After the callous way Caith broke her heart, Veronica isn’t thrilled to see him again. But strange occurrences have taken a dangerous toll on business at Stone Willow Lodge. Forced to work together, Veronica discovers it isn’t ghostly apparitions that frighten her, but her passion for a man she has never forgotten. Or forgiven. Can two people with a tarnished past unearth a magical future?

Myth and Magic by Mae Clair

Myth and MagicAs children, they were best friends, like the Three Musketeers, two boys and a skinny girl who could run with the best of them. Their favorite game was playing myth and magic, she was the mermaid, they called her the sea monster, she could kick their butts, if given the chance. But the days of innocence ended when Caith couldn’t save his best friend from dying and the days of myth and magic died, too.

Veronica felt the loss, too, but she had been in love with Caith since they first met, and she thought her dreams had been answered as teens, when the quiet Caith finally shared himself with her, taking not only her heart, but her body. The next day he was gone, no word, no good bye, nothing, but she was ruined for any other man, they never compared to her young knight in shining armor. Fast forward, several years, As adults they are brought together when Caith is called back to the place and family he deserted when his expertise as a private investigator is needed to hunt down who or what was behind the a calculated plan to destroy the family run retreat, putting a blot on the family name. Will he find “the ghost” everyone is claiming exists or will he finally say goodbye to the ghosts I his mind?

Veronica is now the manager of the retreat and once again their paths cross, and the reunion only serves to open old wounds and create over the top friction between two adults who never should have been separated. But business is business and seemingly unrequited love is, well, painful. First things first, who is trying to destroy this mega powerful family? Why did Caith walk away from his name, his heritage and all he could have? Why did he walk away from Veronica? Are there real ghosts haunting the retreat? Has Caith been hiding more than his feelings for Veronica all these years?

Mae Clair can spin a tale of intrigue mystery and romance with the ease of a juggler with several balls in the air, bringing it all home and packaging it up in one beautifully wrapped package! With high energy, emotion and mystery, Myth and Magic will span years of pain, loss and grief with characters that come alive on the pages and scenes that will play in vivid colors in your mind. Hang tight to YOUR emotions, grab your specter detector, and enjoy the ride. Mae Clair is in the driver’s seat, once again!

I received this ARC edition from Kensington Books/Lyrical Press in exchange for my honest review.

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