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On the Edge by T.S. Krupa

On the Edge: A Novel
by T.S. Krupa

My rating: 5 stars

Expected publication: June 9th 2015
Publisher: T. S. Krupa, LLC
ISBN10: 0692441050
ISBN13: 9780692441053
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Paperback: 318 pages
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Andy Parker is a war widow raising her fifteen-year-old daughter on her own. Hayden Grace dreams of becoming a professional snowboarder, and Andy is doing everything she can to make that happen. When Hayden Grace’s passion begins to falter, Andy is at a loss for how to re-inspire her daughter.

Andy does her best balancing Hayden Grace’s competition schedule, practice, and school with her own work schedule at home, in the city, and on the mountain. But work starts to demand more from Andy. Then, Andy receives an opportunity of a lifetime. An opportunity that will turn their lives upside down. But is it too good to be true?

Soon, mother and daughter find themselves in Aspen for Hayden Grace’s first national competition when a chance encounter brings Andy into a passionate, unexpected romance, a romance that could change everything. Will Andy be able to find the happiness she deserves?

On the Edge by T.S. Krupa

On the Edge: A NovelA widowed mother doing the best she can to raise her daughter to be a testament to all her deceased father wanted, a top snowboarding legend and a young girl with a free spirit waiting to be set free on the slippery pipes of the world of snowboard competition, a recipe for love or a disastrous wipeout?

Andy rarely has time for herself, but one man has had her attention for while without being demanding of her time. In struts a stranger, at least to Andy, who unleashes her long lost wild child on the slopes and snags a bit of her heart in the process, but Andy has responsibilities, a demanding job and a new client who is like a black widow spider on steroids and she almost gets caught up in a web of commercial machinations, all for a proposal that is too good to be true. But will Andy forget her own moral compass to make life easier for her and her daughter? Will she destroy the budding romance with Paul for a carrot being dangled in her face? Can she live without the man she is pushing away? What of her daughter?

On the Edge by T.S. Krupa is true romance with an extreme sports theme as she takes us down a slope of twists, turns and road blocks that are called “life.” Often sweet, sometimes comical and always entertaining, On the Edge is a tale of loss and rebuilding for the best love triangle ever! A Single mom is always a package deal and a man who travels the world seeking his next great thrill may seem like an unusual match, but behind the scenes, Paul is not the man the world sees. His caring and warmth for both Andy and Hayden Grace feels real, and separate from each other. Hayden Grace lights up every page she “graces” with the exuberance of youth, the excitement of the world growing larger before her very eyes and the wisdom of a girl who knows her mother well. Andy? Loved her, strong, struggling and more concerned about her daughter than her own “social life,” she takes things slow and almost over thinks everything!

My thanks to T. S. Krupa for creating such a wonderful escape from reality and into a world where love can shine through! It is her words that make this tale come to life!

I received an ARC edition from T. S. Krupa in exchange for my honest review.

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