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Pawned Queen by S.K. Thomas

Pawned Queen
by S.K. Thomas

My rating: 4 stars

Publication Date: November 24 2013
Publisher: S. K. Thomas
Genre: Mystery | Thriller | Suspense
Print Length: 137 pages
Available from: Amazon
The Queen is one of, if not the most powerful chess piece on the board. But her strength amounts to little more than a pawn if she is caught by the enemy.

"Jack?" Melissa yelled out in question after she heard a knock on the door. No answer came. The floor creaked when she knew someone else was in the house. "Jack?" Her voice shook as terror crept in asking her to play.

Every stranger has a purpose and the game is just beginning so take a step in any direction, if you dare.

Melissa leaves her hometown of Tupelo to start anew in the city of Barrington escaping haunts of her childhood. Little did she know a run-in with Max, a police officer who doesn't play by any set of rules, would change her future. Her best friend, Alice vanishes and Max is the main suspect leaving Melissa insistent to find the truth. She teams up with her husband, John and a detective named Jack for an investigation to find out what has happened to Alice. As the game continues, promises disintegrate into a pile of deceit and lies. This leaves Melissa to question who she can trust as she desperately searches for answers because in reality, it's not a game at all.

 Pawned Queen by S.K. Thomas
Pawned QueenWhen Melissa moved to the city on her own to make her own mark in life, little did she know what an unbelievably cruel twist Fate would deal her. She found love, married and had the perfect best friend in Alice. When Alice went missing, no answers to the questions Melissa had could be found, but her husband, Max was her choice of suspects. Even John, her husband seemed to be not very upset at first. Enter Jack, an old business associate who joins the hunt for Alice. A plan is concocted to trip Max up, using Melissa as bait, but the truth is buried so deep into a spiraling abyss that when it surfaces, even then, it is like something out of the Twilight Zone.

Pawned Queen by S. K. Thomas is a twisted and tumultuous ride on the mystery train that rolls along with a few bumps and switchbacks that border on brilliance one moment and “What did I miss?”, the next. The characters were likable, or dis-likable as needed, but often seemed to be trusting in a plan that really wasn’t “The plan.” In that, lies the heart of the tale and one crazy-twisted plot that sometimes was a little rough, but definitely full of a surprise or two.

I received this copy from S.K. Thomas in exchange for my honest review.

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