Thursday, May 28, 2015

Stealing Mercury by Charlee Allden (Arena Dogs #1)

Stealing Mercury
by Charlee Allden

My rating: 4 stars

Series: Arena Dogs - Book 1
Publication Date: May 11, 2015
Publisher: Charlee Allden
ISBN-13: 9780996179812
Genre: Romantic Sci-fi| slightly erotic
Print Length: 302 pages
Available from: Amazon | Barnes & Noble

Born a slave, Mercury is an Arena Dog, genetically engineered to fight and die in the Arena for the entertainment of others. In their violent world, where men must form alliances and share what little bounty they have to survive, his only goal has been to keep his men alive. But he’s already lost two of them and the rest are slated for death. Worse, their demise will leave a woman Mercury has sworn to protect alone and vulnerable. And then there’s Samantha—a courageous human he has no right to claim. But she is his. He feels it deep in his soul and with an ache in his body that he can’t deny.

Samantha Devlin has lost everything, her ship, her crew, and her father. When an old friend hires her as an emergency replacement to pilot a cargo carrier for the Roma Company, she is shocked to discover her cargo is three, living, breathing, and dangerously sexy Arena Dogs and that she’s taking the men to their deaths. Is she willing to risk everything for a man whose customs require that he share her with one of his men and that he return to Roma to protect another woman? Her heart tells her Mercury is worth any cost, but her head sees nothing ahead but disaster.

Caution: features two scorching hot heroes and one impossibly impulsive woman. Their story may just make you want to steal an Arena Dog or two of your own.

Stealing Mercury by Charlee Allden 

Stealing Mercury (Arena Dogs #1)Arena Dogs, genetically engineered to be the ultimate fighting machines, for the entertainment of others. In kill or be killed battles, these warriors know very little about kindness or being treated with compassion, yet they have formed their own bond and their leader, Mercury has vowed to keep them alive and safe, but now they are being sent to their certain death until a replacement pilot with little left in her life discovers what she is transporting and decides this is NOT going to happen on her ship.

Stealing Mercury by Charlee Allden is an out of this world experience, part science fiction and space travel, part survival, part romantic heat and erotic adventure, I believe we have crossed more genres than stars in the galaxy!

Charlee Allden can tell a tale filled with tension, evil, deceit and raw and brutal scenes of barbaric proportions then flip it on the reader with that “special connection” between two people who trust no one and are determined to survive no matter what is obstacles are in their way. Imagine being billions of miles in space, onboard a ship and being locked into cages for the journey. Your “captors” are often sadistic and one tiny woman has the guts to stand up to them and fight for you. Charlee Allden has pulled all the right strings; hit all of the right buttons to hook my heart completely. Then she kicks in some fast-paced action, an unlikely alliance, and risks my Kindle over-heating with the new found passion and romance found between Mercury and Sam. Think that may be just a little hot? I guess just a little hot isn’t spicy enough for Ms. Allden, because she has more to share in the arena of love! The best part of her crisp and creative writing style? There is an intense story going on, non-stop and she managed to make all of heat feel like a natural progression in the lives of the Arena Dogs, who have so little and share what they have. Yep, her writing is that fleshed out, that real that these characters become real, their lives become real and one forgets one is reading fantasy. Beam me up!

I received this copy from Charlee Allden in exchange for my honest review.

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