Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Tempted by Pleasure by Devon Hart (Secret Invitation Part 1)

Tempted by Pleasure
by Devon Hart

My rating: 5 stars

Publication Date: June 3, 2015
Publisher: Soul Mate Publishing
Genre: Erotic Contemporary Romance
Print Length: 155 pages
Available from: Amazon
 Nothing exciting happens to someone like me. I live between the lines, only dreaming about breaking the rules. My chance at love disappeared the night I left home to escape my old life.

Eight years later, I never expected that “old life” to resurface in my bookstore.

Foster Wagner is the type of man most women would crawl through fire or broken glass to possess. And judging by the way he’s staring, that danger goes both ways.

I’m in trouble.

 Tempted by Pleasure by Devon Hart

Tempted by Pleasure (Secret Invitation Part 1)Erin was born into respectability and wealth, expected to behave properly, marry into wealth and be a stay at home, socialite wife whose biggest concern would be what to serve at the next dinner party. Too bad that wasn’t what she wanted; she wanted to cut loose a little, to truly experience everything life has to offer with the boy of her dreams, but that was another life and it ended badly. Today she is on her own, still not living the life her inner wild child wants and being set up for a “business merger wedding” by her parents. Then, HE walked in, Foster Wagner, her high school sweetheart, the boy who crushed her heart. Eight years had only made him more handsome, more charming and more dangerous to her heart. Little did Erin realize that Foster was there to unleash all that was pent up inside of her, slowly and methodically before springing his trap.

Tempted By Pleasure by Devon Hart is NOT just another tale of time and love lost, or of second chances, nor is it an invitation to live vicariously through the characters in a world of open sex, private clubs and pushing one’s comfort and fantasy limits to the limits. Devon Hart turns romance into a bone melting journey into the hidden pleasures of the mind, soul and body like taking a quiet ride down a gently flowing river, no rushing, no harsh moments. Every scene glides past without jarring one’s senses. The best way to describe Devon Hart’s style is subtle grace in a genre filled with heat and passion. The erotic moments are more about feeling each scene than having in your face jagged details as both characters alternate sharing their inner viewpoints.

Are you looking to reach out in your reading experience to try something on the physically and mentally sensual side without dying of discomfort by page 3? When they said less was more, Devon Hart was listening, two wonderful main characters, some obstacles and conflict, some fantasies come to life and old-fashioned romance, as my Kindle subtly melted down in my hands

I received an ARC edition from Devon Hart in exchange for my honest review.

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