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The Actor by Paul A. Wunderlich

The Actor
by Paul A. Wunderlich

My rating: 5 stars

Publication Date: May 18, 2015
Publisher: Paul A. Wunderlich
Genre: Dystopian Drama
Print Length: 98 pages
Available from: Amazon

Yulius Zezar stands at the center of the stage. Every row, every seat, every single corner of the theater is occupied by a thirsty pair of eyes in search of ultimate entertainment. A single beam of light highlights his inch-thick layer of makeup, as well as his golden wig. He looks lavish, flamboyant, an immaculate god. However, behind the makeup cringes the man posing as the alias. He knows he has been used by the government to convince the ignorant of Texalifornia’s paternalism. But no longer. He has risen from ignorance. The man behind the makeup will strive to "awaken" his followers from the trance of pleasure he himself created. But a great barrier oversees his every step—his personal super-intelligent AI who reports to the government.

The Actor by Paul A. Wunderlich

The ActorIn a dystopian world where people are controlled by an all-powerful government, propaganda is spread through the stage presence of Yulius Zezar. A position coveted by many, only one person will hold this dubious distinction for a period of five years. Only as his reign as a popular and beloved actor is coming to a close does he begin to question or doubt the messages he has been touting through his weekly stage appearances. But the government controls all and freedom of speech is blasphemous, not to mention recorded and reported by an assigned AI being. What if Yulius dared to make his last performance one the masses will never forget?

The Actor by Paul A, Wunderlich is a dark, edgy and chaotic ride into a future that has been filled with wars, deceit and the ruthless power mongers who control everything form the food sources to education, job placement and even what people think or believe. Mr. Wunderlich’s ability to project a possible future for this world is reminiscent of other works from songs of a near useless civilization to other frighteningly realistic dystopian works. Have you ever wondered where civilization is going? Is there a doomsday ahead that will rob the world of free-thinking? Will propaganda be hidden under the guise of entertainment? What if one person grows a conscience, or dares to doubt the wisdom of the leaders? Will he be believed or be considered the best entertainment around?

A quick read with a punch to the solar plexus, Paul A. Wunderlich has written a tale of complete entertainment, while being thought provoking and a little scary. Take this one to the beach…while you still can…

I received an ARC edition from Paul A. Wunderlich in exchange for my honest review.

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