Tuesday, May 5, 2015

The Best I Never Had by Loni Flowers

The Best I Never Had
by Loni Flowers

My rating: 5 Star Favorite!

Series - DeVine Winery - Book 1
Publication Date: May 5, 2015
Publisher: Loni Flowers
ISBN-13: 9781511606714
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Pages: 384
Available from: Amazon | Barnes & Noble

New job, new town, new people— new life.
That’s what Olivia Langston needed. At twenty eight, she was given a rare opportunity at an internship in the rolling valleys of Crystal Falls in California wine country, far away from her small town roots in North Carolina. It was an unexpected journey she desperately needed after her ex-husband crushed her.
At DeVine Winery, she expected a fresh start in a new environment to help let go of her past. Instead, she found Daniel Black and a hell of a lot of sexual tension she wasn’t prepared for. He was gorgeous, modestly wealthy, irresistible, and just happened to be part owner of DeVine, one of the largest vineyards in the country.
If only she knew that before she kissed him her first night in town.
The Best I Never Had by Loni Flowers

The Best I Never Had (DeVine Winery, #1)All Olivia wanted was a fresh start on life, to spread her wings and fly from the disaster that was her life after a painful divorce. With her new intern position at a winery across the country, it was as if Fate was smiling on her hopes for a new and better life. Embracing the new Olivia, she went out for one drink, in a nice place, just to get her feet wet in the world of her new self. Then, across the room, the most beautiful pair of blue eyes met hers and, throwing caution to the wind, she not only danced with this strange and beautiful man, but she let him kiss her and she melted, completely, and ran, like Cinderella at midnight.

Fast forward, day one on the new job, Eleanor Black, the charming matriarch of DeVine winery welcomed Olivia with open arms and heart, almost like a fairy godmother, she was determined to make Oivia feel at home, welcome and part of the DeVine Winery family. So far, so good, son number one was a charmer, son number two was a shock, utter and completely, hello beautiful stranger, but now this stranger had a name and a title, His name was Daniel and his title was boss and the rest is history.

Has Fate tripped her up again or is there a little matchmaking going on from the poised, yet warm Eleanor? In a game of push me, pull me, love me, hate me, Olivia and Daniel must weather Olivia’s reluctance to admit he is her dream man, in every way.

The Best I Never Had by Loni Flowers is a feel good, romance filled with all the angst and reluctance a once-burned woman could have, even when Cupid’s arrow has shot her straight through the heart! With wit, charm and humor, Ms. Flowers takes us on a tour of love, where grapes become fine wine and love becomes the nectar of the gods for two people in need of a fairy tale romance, jagged edges and all.

I received an ARC edition from Loni Flowers in exchange for my honest review.


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