Tuesday, May 19, 2015

The Patriarch by Mike Wells (Wild Child #3)

The Patriarch
A Dystopian Thriller
by Mike Wells

My rating: 5 stars

Series: Wild Child - Book 3
Publication Date: April 25, 2015
Publisher: Mike Wells
Genre: Dystopian Fantasy
Print Length: 358 pages
Available from: Amazon | Barnes & Noble
Kyle and Briana find themselves ensnared in the bizarre Evergreen Colony, hopelessly addicted to the magical green water. At first glance, Evergreen appears to be a utopia. Each of the nearly five hundred members enjoys extraordinary physical and mental abilities, perfect health, and nearly eternal life. But there's a catch: once you drink the water, you can never leave. Kyle soon discovers that one man may have secretly developed an antidote--the former Evergreen Patriarch. Can Kyle track him down without being killed, or will they be trapped in the colony forever?

 The Patriarch by Mike Wells
Wild Child, Book 3 - The Patriarch: A Dystopian ThrillerYou know the saying third time’s the charm? Books one and two were fabulous, creative, and full of tension, but Mike Wells’ third book in the Wild Child series, The Patriarch completely blew me away! If anyone had tried to interrupt my reading, I could not be responsible for my actions, honest, it is that good.

Kayle and Briana are getting an up close and personal look at the Evergreen Colony, which at first glance is idyllic, well, if living among a bunch of green water addicts can be considered idyllic. Underneath that blissful fa├žade lie deceit, a controlling leader and a brutish enforcement officer to mention some pretty brutal challenges. Briana seems happy with her choices, but Kyle is determined to get of the green water and escape, but how? Whispered rumors of another who “got away” have him intrigued, but no one will talk about this person. Who was the former patriarch? How did he get away? How did he get off the green water? How can Kyle find him without getting himself killed in the process? What will he find at the end of his quest?

For fans of a dystopian world, filled with danger and that “Big Brother” feel, along with a little “Thunderdome-type” challenges thrown in, Mike Wells has it all here in The Patriarch. Non-stop tension all around, unique characters, a unique plot and a hero that is over-the-top gutsy, and goes with his heart as well as his mind as he seeks answers. Each scene is filled with detail, and practically jumped off the pages as my mental movie theatre started rolling and would not let up until the final credits. There were times I wanted to close my eyes, it felt so real, and the smells? The mental rush the characters would feel? I was feeling them, too. Mike Wells knows how to write and he does so like a tsunami coming at you full force!

I received this copy from Mike Wells in exchange for my honest review.

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