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The Quelling Tide by Jillian Neal (The Gifted Realm, #7)

The Quelling Tide
by Jillian Neal

My rating: 5 stars

Series: The Gifted Realm - Book 7
Publication Date: May 26, 2015
Publisher: Realm Press
Genre: Paranormal Erotic Romance
Print Length: 463 pages
Available from: Amazon | Barnes & Noble
He ended them all with his bare hands and it almost cost him everything good in his life. Dan Vindico and the Gifted Iodex police force buried the world’s most brutal criminal organization, the Interfeci. They’d taken far too much to be allowed to exist. Dan lost a child in the fight, and his determination not to lose one more thing drives his vengeance. He walked away from the takedown broken but determined.

Fionna was safe, their family was expanding, and Dan was ready to finally live his life. The darkness that robbed him of every good thing in his life has passed. He’s ready to step into the light, but the evil he somehow survived seems unwilling to let him go.

Money is missing, officers are being brutally murdered, and someone takes something from one of Dan’s top officers, Rainer Lawson, that can never be returned. From the Pentagon in Washington D.C., to an island deep in the Florida Keyes, to Paris, France, if Dan is ever going to have peace he’ll have to discover who is behind the attacks that ultimately put his wife and his precious little girl back in the vicious crosshairs of danger. Will the fire ultimately consume him, or will he finally find peace in the Quelling Tide?  

 The Quelling Tide by Jillian Neal

The Quelling TideIn a world where humans with special “gifts” live among us “regular”people, is a family who has given its all for the gifted realm and only their strong familial ties have made them strong when evil continually seeks to bring them down. But hasn’t that evil been vanquished? Hasn’t the Interfeci been taken down? Can this family begin to rebuild, renew and fortify their ties or has someone else been plotting to destroy their good name?

Jillian Neal, with her own special “gift’ takes us aback one more time to the gifted realm with The Quelling Tide as Dan Vindico and his new family try to forget the past pains and losses and move forward with life and shared love. Will he ever get the peace he deserves? Even his overbearing and judgmental mother can’t let him feel joy. Worse, the nightmare may not be over because his former fellow officers are dying, honeymoons are becoming fodder for titillating gossip rags and once again, Dan is under the gun to keep those he loves safe. How does one man remain anything less than his own private war machine while trying to leave his past behind him?

Once again, it is “Father Knows Best” meets passionate erotic love as the Haydenshires and their extended family are tossed under the bus by Jillian Neal’s creative streak. Jillian Neal gives us conflict and danger, as well as loyalty, understanding and powerful humanity to each page. And passion? Bring out the asbestos gloves and the heat shield, because one thing this family has is a healthy passionate side that often becomes the only means to hang on to their sanity by connecting as only the gifted can do. Not for the easily embarrassed, there is steam to spare coming off these pages and it isn’t just the conflict raising temperatures! Great reading, filled with moments of humor and family love, the only thing negative I have to say is, watch the senior Mrs. Vindico’s cooking!

I received an ARC edition from Jillian Neal in exchange for my honest review.

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