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Trainee: A Science Fiction Adventure by Margaret McGaffey Fisk (Seeds Among the Stars Book 2)

A Science Fiction Adventure
by Margaret McGaffey Fisk

My rating: 5 stars

Series: Seeds Among the Stars - Book 2
Publication Date: March 30, 2015
Publisher: TTO Publishing
Genre: YA Science Fiction
Print Length: 324 pages
Available from: Amazon | Barnes & Noble
The second book in Seeds Among the Stars follows Trina to Spacer Guild training where her shafter skills might just lead her straight into trouble.

The teachers segregate Trina from her assigned team into a class of technologically challenged candidates and she is stunned. Did the spacer test mean nothing? Then a teammate accuses her of being an ignorant liability. History tells her to hit back hard. Trina must fight her shafter instincts or be tossed from the program.

Deluth finds their colony-bred teammate fascinating, but his best friend is bent on making her fail. He’s torn between old loyalties and new ones, and every attempt to protect Trina from his friend’s aggression only makes her more suspicious of his motives.

Will technology or her rough upbringing keep Trina back, or will she welcome new allies on the way to becoming a full spacer?  

Trainee: A Science Fiction Adventure by Margaret McGaffey Fisk

Trainee: A Science Fiction Adventure (Seeds Among the Stars Book 2)Even in space, there are cliques, fears of the unknown, jealousy and deceit. Trina isn’t like the other trainees, she grew up in a rough world, traversing the shafts of the colony she came from, but she has qualified to be a spacer trainee and must use every skill of survival she knows to overcome the prejudices against her. Few can be called allies, and one boy seems more interested in her as a curiosity than a girl or fellow trainee. It’s a dog eat dog world for the outcasts as each exercise becomes harder and requires more camaraderie amongst the trainees, but will one boy’s insecurity and devious ways threaten the entire program’s integrity?

Margaret McGaffey Fisk welcomes us to her world of the future, Trainee: A Science Fiction Adventure is a coming of age tale for one girl who is different than her classmates, as she proves that even in the worst of times, honor, trust and teamwork could save lives and forge friendships and respect.

Ms. Fisk’s world is clearly a world of the future, where food is created on demand, showers are not taken with water and physical activity is limited to training. She then drops in a young heroine who is out of her depth, in a new environment, yet is able to overcome every obstacle placed before her without losing the integrity she was raised with. Each supporting character comes to life, from the “nerd” to the bully, because, apparently, no matter where you are on the timeline of the universe, humans have inherent traits that cannot be stomped out completely. An enchanting and exciting ride into the future and the lives of teens brought together to be the next generation of the best of the best, trained to survive and think outside of the box.

Refreshing, well-written and completely entertaining with strong role models for good and even bullies can be afraid of failure. A fascinating futuristic look at life, and the power of trust and teamwork!

I received this copy from Margaret McGaffey Fisk in exchange for my honest review.

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