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A Sword for His Lady by Mary Wine (Courtly Love, #1)

A Sword for His Lady
by Mary Wine

My rating: 4 stars

Series: Courtly Love - Book 1
Publication Date July 7, 2015
Publisher: Sourcebooks Casablanca
ISBN-13: 9781492602484
Genre: Adult Historical Romance
Print Length: 320 pages
Available from: Amazon | Barnes & Noble
 He'd defend her keep...

After proving himself on the field of battle, Ramon de Segrave is appointed to the Council of Barons by Richard the Lionheart. But instead of taking his most formidable warrior on his latest Crusade, the king assigns Ramon an even more dangerous task—woo and win the Lady of Thistle Keep.

If only she'd yield her heart...

Isabel of Camoys is a capable widow with no intention of surrendering her valuable estate. She's fought long and hard for her independence, and if the price is loneliness, then so be it. She will not yield... even if she does find the powerful knight's heated embrace impossible to ignore.

But when her land is threatened, Isabel reluctantly agrees to allow Ramon and his army to defend the keep—knowing that the price may very well be her heart.

 A Sword for His Lady by Mary Wine

A Sword for His Lady (Courtly Love, #1)Knuckle-dragging medieval knights in shining armor? Check!

A land-wealthy widow who has no say in what happens to her land? Check!

Said widow has spirit, but no one seems to care and repeatedly is humiliated. Check! (and GGGRRRRRR)

Said Knight is a new Baron and his intentions are good, in spite of the Royal command to marry said Spirited widow. Check!

A dastardly plot to take the land and the widow, hopefully killing the Baron as a bonus. Check!

Page one, the drama begins as a woman enjoying her independence finds she has little to no control over losing it, if the King so commands. Isabel tries to be strong, but she is no match for Roman, a man of immense power, charm and even honor, well except for when he was doing his own knuckle-dragging. Like oil and water, these two just can’t seem to get on the same page, but they are human and Isabel’s heart and libido are becoming her biggest betrayers.
When her life and land are threatened, all that stands between her and total ruination, is Roman. Will he prove to be a savior in disguise or is he just the lessor of two evils? Can these two find love amidst the turmoil?

A Sword for His Lady by Mary Wine is filled with romance, heat and conflicts of the heart. She takes a bold path when setting up her tale, sparing no “hard to swallow” attitudes of long ago when women were often treated without care to their pride, but “no harm” was meant. Roman becomes the perfect foil to Isabel’s ire and his greatest weapon is his charm and um, how he dances under the sheets. Lots of heat, lots of tenderness and a lot of fussing and fighting, ah, courtship back in the day…When push comes to shove and the keep is threatened, a decision must be made…fast.

I received this ARC edition from Sourcebooks Casablanca in exchange for my honest review.

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  1. Great thoughts on this one. I will be reading it soon, so you just have been itching to read it. I do love bold heroines and it sounds like these two will be quite fun to read.