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Fated Capture by Kristyn Eudes (Fated Keepers, Book 1)

Fated Capture
by Kristyn Eudes

My rating: 4 stars

Series: Fated Keepers - Book 1
Publication Date: January 22, 2015
Publisher: Kristyn Eudes
ISBN: 1503346773
Genre: YA paranormal
Print Length: 160 pages
Available from: Amazon | Barnes & Noble

 Arsema believes she is just a regular sixteen year old girl until a week before the start of her junior year when she starts to experience strange occurrences. Soon after she is thrust into a world that feels more like make-believe than reality.

To make matters worse, she is being hunted by two ancient races of supernatural beings. One looking to find and save her life and in turn save their race, the other looking to use her to bring an end to the world as she knows it.

After being attacked and kidnapped by her best friend's boyfriend she is rescued by the guy she has been having reoccurring dreams about. Soon her life is not the only thing she is in jeopardy of losing as she finds herself falling hard and fast for her rescuer, Lyon. But will she be able to see past who or what he really is and accept him as he is?

Fated Capture is a story about fate, adventure, magic and unconditional love. Arsema is a fiercely loyal heroine with a knack for getting herself into trouble. The question is will she be able to get out? Or will she find herself in the grasp of the one she desperately needs to avoid? This is one paranormal romance that will be sure to leave you begging for more.... 

Fated Capture by Kristyn Eudes

There is always room for one more good fantasy tale about prophecies, fate, life altering discoveries and good versus evil, especially when it hints at being an almost love triangle. Give us a heroine who is not an over-the-top princess of angst and sign me up! Fated Capture by Kristyn Eudes is not only her first book ever, but the first in a new series, Fated Keepers.

Arsema’s life as a teen is tough enough, but to discover what she has could break any gutsy teen into a blathering pile of jelly. She is being “courted” by an ancient being who claims she is his soulmate AND another ancient group wants her for their team, (these are the bad guys). But wait, there’s more! She is developing power after power and let’s just say that controlling them isn’t as easy as she had hoped. When someone from her past steps forward and those she loves are being threatened, Arsema must decide who to trust, and what her heart is telling her.

Great job, Kristyn Eudes! I was take into your world, and watched in stunned disbelief as Arsema kept it together enough to try to understand what is going on around her. Great characters kept popping up, and tossed their hats into the three ring circus that has become Arsema’s life. Ms. Eudes gives us just enough sorrow to feel an emotional pull, humor splattered about and one ending that, well, has me wanting more.

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