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First of Spring by Kelsey Jordan (The Gardinian World Series, #3)

First of Spring
by Kelsey Jordan

My rating: 5 stars

Publication Date: June 4, 2015
Publisher: Booktrope
ISBN-10: 1620155087
ISBN-13: 978-1620155080
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Print Length: 310 pages
Available from: Amazon | Barnes & Noble
Caution: The Gardinian World Novels are a trip into a paranormal world where the gods of Gardas are real, the sex can be downright raunchy, and more than a few four letter words litter the page.

Forged from a childhood filled with bloodshed and death, Trent had been raised with a blade in his hands. He lives the life of a warrior and carves through his enemies as if seeking redemption for his mother’s ultimate sacrifice. As the acting Mikko of the Order of Rockys, Trent leads the most dominant Lycans in the world. For that reason alone, he has no use or understanding for those who wallow in their vulnerabilities, rather than exercise their power over their own destiny.

Aryana doesn’t dream of everlasting love. Her life is ruled by a song that echoes from the halls of Oblivia, a fate that came to her under the thundering hooves of the Mares of Night. She is going to die, but with no clue as to when or why, Aryana is forced to do everything she can to negate the haunting words of fate,

“Weakness dies and you are weak.”

But the gods are merciless in their meddling in the lives of powerful mortals and the ones they love. How far will Trent have to fall for the weak female who steps in his life and claims his soul?

First of Spring by Kelsey Jordan

First of SpringIn a world shredded by wars between different factions where weakness means hesitation and death, and guilt can bear down like a tsunami, the leader of the Rockys has hardened himself to emotion, at least on the outside. But the gods need to create more turmoil, for their own entertainment and to steer events where they want them to go, no matter the cost. Receiving top scrutiny is Trent, fierce, loyal, and the first person to look down on weakness. What better way to bring him to his knees then presenting him with a possible mate? Aryana is not the warrior princess that Trent thought he would find, but is she trainable to be worthy of his fierceness? (Yes, I really asked that.) Is it possible that Aryana will show Trent the true meaning of fierce bravery and bring this giant of a man to his knees like quivering jelly? When Fate is involved in matters of the heart and soul, there is no dodging Cupid’s arrow, unless you cannot be brave enough to trust.

Kelsey Jordan is a powerful storyteller! A magician of words and emotions with a gift of creating a world filled with strife and few places of peace, Ms. Jordan will have you fist-pumping, laughing and practically sobbing, all in a matter of a few pages. She is able to wring raw and realistic emotion from her characters and make us FEEL the pain. And battle scenes, both mental and physical will leave you out of breath! In a world filled with wonderful paranormal writing, that can sweep the reader away from reality for hours on end, Kelsey Jordan is on the fast track to the top, with her warriors, gods and minions following close behind!

I received an ARC edition from Kelsey Jordan and Booktrope in exchange for my honest review.

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