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If Jack Had by Steven Rappaport

If Jack Had
by Steven Rappaport

My rating: 3 stars

Publication Date: Kindle - June 5, 2015 | Paperback - May 28, 2015
Publisher: Black Rose Writing
ISBN-10: 1612964915
ISBN-13: 978-1612964911
Genre: Adult Fiction
Paperback: 214 pages
Available from: Amazon

Jack, a journalist with a killer story.

This dark, ironic, tale of duality and dying, is a story of fathers and sons. If you love Mel Brooks, Woody Allen, and Elmore Leonard, this book will resonate. Jack is a New York Times journalist with a second job as a contract killer for the Russian Mob. “What’s the difference between a serial killer and an assassin? A pay check.” The events occur mainly in Manhattan, Miami, Tel Aviv, and Greece. The book begins at the end, with the protagonist preparing to kill his final victim; himself. It finishes where it began. In between there is sex, laughs, deaths. . . and a bit of incontinence.

 If Jack Had by Steven Rappaport

If Jack HadMeet Jack. See Jack grow up, watch him become a loving family man, an accomplished journalist, and then in the blink of an eye, see the real Jack, the one able to kill someone else’s loved one with steely, cold precision. Jack has a secret life, he is an assassin for the Russian Mafia, and he is good at what he does, why? Because he likes it. But heaven help anyone who hurts HIS family, from the wife he claims to adore to his well-bred children. But the secret Jack has affairs, one night stands, does drugs, and as the years go by, his isn’t as sharp as he once was, he is old, feeble, everything he used to his advantage as a killer. A man who has always been on the trigger end of the barrel, the handle end of a knife has decided he will also control his death. Or will he?

If Jack Had by Steven Rappaport is dark, twisted and there is no hero, not really and Mr. Rappaport is good with that in his no holds barred telling of his tale. A very dark sense of humor and a sad look at aging in a man who has played God make If Jack Had come across as the seamy side of deceit for a man clearly a cold-hearted sociopath. Per Mr. Rappaport’s own words, this tale was created to give a life to a loved one who died too soon, too young. Interesting to note he gave this person a life centered around others dying too soon, too young or to make a statement to another. All in the name of money.

Telling this tale from the perspective of the main character, it is a timeline that reaches into the past and ties it to his present actions, not by way of remorse, but cold facts. A daring move on Mr. Rappaport’s part as his bold and calculating style depicts everything from dysfunctional and broken families to the dark secrets of a seemingly “All-American” one. If you want to step off the curb of main stream plots and dare crossing the street to the dark side, you will find this tale an interesting departure from tales of good vs evil. Sometimes evil is just comfortable with itself, and asks no true forgiveness.

I received an ARC edition in exchange for my honest review.

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