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Jacaranda Blues by Mehreen Ahmed

Jacaranda Blues
by Mehreen Ahmed

My rating: 5 stars

Publication Date: June 24, 2015
Publisher: Publish America
ISBN-13: 9781462640904
Genre: Adult Fiction
Pages: 84
Available from: Amazon | Barnes & Noble
Jacaranda Blues is about our society's ultimate failure to resolve class, psychological and emotional issues. Through the main character... Rhonda Smith, the readers are exposed to their troubled lives in which they seem to be endlessly battling traumatic situations one after the other. A product of a dysfunctional family, Rhonda Smith herself has many aspirations but fails to accomplish them. Her optimism and her relentless struggle to be make things better portrays her as a person of dogged determination but all her endeavors prove futile when she can not alter brother David and sister Clare. His death is a huge blow to all her efforts. Her disappointments with Chris, and her incapacity to love Sam, add but to that misery. But she is able to rise like the phoenix in starting all over, because she finds Cherub, a handicapped child that she adopts. She is able to overcome not just her pains but her menopausal fears as a certain extent through Cherub. And this is where the strength of this story lies. The story has an interesting twist in the end and it is up to the readers to judge whether or not the characters have been mete-out with poetic justice! Are they happy at last in their life's trade-offs.

Jacaranda Blues by Mehreen Ahmed

Need a solid piece of work that will have your brain humming in overdrive? A tale that sounds like one woman’s personal failures in life are always blamed on others? To say Rhonda is unhappy is an understatement, but why? She seems to feel that her life was meant for more and it all goes back to Chris, the one that got away and it was all her fault. Fear of the unknown was the root of her heartbreak then and now in her mid-forties, she is going through life like a hamster on a treadmill. Fate gives her the opportunity to re-connect with Chris, now a successful man, living on the “better” side of the tracks. But is the reality of Chris the same as Rhonda’s memories and fantasies? Has Rhonda been fair to herself and those around her? For that matter, has she been fair to Chris? Maybe it’s time for Rhonda to look outside her little personal vortex of misery and find the meaning of true happiness and fulfillment, but will she?

Jacaranda Blues by Mehreen Ahmed carries more weight than its short number of pages would appear to. She has dug deep and come up with a short tale of a woman who has lived years as a malcontent, believing she is the glue that keeps others together, but is she? Ms. Ahmed makes dark, bold strokes in her writing, heavy with underlying meaning, in this character-driven tale. Whether you see yourself in Rhonda at times or someone you know, this story will haunt you long after that last page. Filled with characters that are seriously dysfunctional, deceitful and just plain down on their luck, as well as the “successful” who hide behind their locked gates, everyone needs to find their own happiness in giving.
Highly recommended for a quick, yet meaningful read!

I received this copy of Jacaranda Blues from Mehreen Ahmed in exchange for my honest review.

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