Thursday, June 4, 2015

Pretty Maidens All In a Row by J.M. Brown

Pretty Maidens All In a Row
by J.M. Brown

My rating: 5 stars

Publication Date: February 2, 2015
Publisher: J.M. Brown
ISBN-13: 9781507886922
Genre: Psychological Thriller
Print Length: 388 pages
Available from: Amazon | Barnes & Noble
 Mary Elizabeth Grange, also known as Beth to her friends, is little more than a child when she is noticed.. Her lanky, developing body and her childlike ways do nothing to dissuade his hungry eyes and his needy imagination. She glides through life happily, doing what happy teenagers do, but to him she becomes everything. Every flip of her long curly ebony hair, every smile, every gesture speaks to him as he quietly moves in the shadows, for no one ever sees him. His small, inconsequential world narrows even further, real life recedes. Fantasy, like a blazing fire consumes him. Then their worlds collide in one brutal and obscene act as he brazenly flings reality aside and allows the delusions to totally devour him. Her world destroyed, Beth must fight for her very sanity. Then at the farthest end of her nightmare and many miles away, happiness and love are finally within her reach. Much to her bemusement, she starts to receive flowers from a secret admirer. Things start to take on a darker tone and she senses anything but affection from the gifts being left to her. But how can this be related in anyway to the vicious serial killer in her home state who is killing women that look so much like her? The answers will only be attained if she dares to fight the biggest battle of her life 

Pretty Maidens All In a Row by J.M. Brown

Pretty Maidens All In a RowBrutal, disturbing, twisted and dark, Pretty Maidens All in a Row by J. M. Brown follows a young teen as she is unknowingly stalked by a deranged admirer who has conjured an imaginary relationship between the two of them. When his obsession overpowers what minute amount of sanity he has, he takes action to ensure that Mary Beth will be his and his alone. What is left is a shattered teen, once happy and carefree, with a best friend to confide in, do everything with, she has become depressed, withdrawn and will fight for years to come out from under the crushing fear that has engulfed her. Will he return? Will he escape prison and find her?

When her knight in shining armor becomes her true love, a secret admirer begins a slow dance of stalking her once again. Is Beth not allowed to have any happiness? Is this just some sick joke or has her stalker returned to finish what he started, making her his prisoner in his twisted world of love?

Is this admirer showing her how much he wants her by killing her look alikes, trying to get to the “original?” Insanity and obsessions take on darker and more evil tones as, once again, her life becomes a living nightmare of fear and death.

J. M. Brown knows how to create atmosphere, there were times I wanted to wash my hands and scrub my eyeballs while reading this dark tale. She has gone for broke, with powerful scenes, and tension that feels like a high voltage wire has been connected to your body. Combining the innocence of youth, with the depravity of a lost soul, the collision arranged by J. M. Brown is a brilliant display of her writing prowess and her no nonsense approach to high quality psychological drama. Each page is an unexpected shock as she takes down a twisted path through darkness to an ending that had me fanning myself as my heart rate soared. Highly recommended for an wicked ride on the edge of insanity.

I received this copy from J.M. Brown in exchange for my honest review.


  1. Thanks for the wonderful review. Your words describe the way I had hoped readers would react to this psychological thriller. Hope it doesn't give anyone nightmares......... J.M. Brown.