Sunday, June 28, 2015

Rebecca by Mike Vavrinak

by Mike Vavrinak

My rating: 4 stars

Publication Date: May 30, 2015
Publisher: Mike Vavrinak
Genre: Dark Paranormal Fantasy
Print Length: 426 pages
Available from: Amazon | Barnes & Noble
After centuries of misery under the manipulative thumb of her vampire 'father' Dominic, Rebecca seduces and turns an outsider in a desperate bid to escape her small dysfunctional immortal family. In the blood soaked days that follow she learns how strong the bonds of family can be. A twisted fantasy of terror and hunger, and maybe even true love at the end of it all

 Rebecca by Mike Vavrinak

RebeccaIt’s okay to dream big, to want adventure and travel, but be careful what you wish for, you may just get it in ways you could never imagine. Rebecca yearned for more than life in colonial Ohio and when two mysterious strangers offered her an opportunity to experience all of her wishes and dreams, how could she resist joining them? How could she know that by joining them she would become a creature of nightmares and legends?

Dominic and his beautiful wife, Bethany built their world around the quest for absolute power and the lust for blood. They have created a dysfunctional family of vampires and they rule with a mighty fist. Rebecca has endured life with them for centuries and longs to be free. Yes, she has seen more of the world, life and death than she would have from Ohio, but has it been worth all of the suffering and misery? Is there any way to escape their cruel familial bond? Will an outsider become her savior or just another victim to an eternal life of damnation?

Rebecca by Mike Vavrinak is a dark and twisted tale of horrific events, brutal punishments and a life lived in eternal fear that one small mistake will end up in decades of torture, all at the pleasure of another. Do not even consider that there may be a sparkle or two; this is vampirism in its most bleak depiction. This is every nightmare you can imagine, far beyond a little gut clenching and into, graphic gore. Mike Vavrinak is not shy about taking chances and presenting his tale showing vampires as cold, calculating, power-crazed, blood-crazed, warmongers in the most barbaric ways. There are battles, secrets, deceit and always the quest to be the most vicious and vile, to be feared, because their very survival will depend on it. His world is raw, jagged and filled with sharp edges. For those tired of vampires with feelings, or those who want to see some truly dark grit for those creatures of the night, to see them as black-hearted beasts, this is your chance to feel the chills running down your spine, to imagine gruesome scenes and to watch one vampire fight to escape to a better world with what is left of her darkened soul. Will Rebecca make it to freedom? Is there such a thing for her?

I received this copy of Rebecca from Mike Vavrinak in exchange for my honest review.

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