Thursday, June 4, 2015

Seducing the Sun Fae by Rebecca Rivard (The Fada Shapeshifter Series, #1)

Seducing the Sun Fae
by Rebecca Rivard

My rating: 5 stars

Series: The Fada Shapeshifter Series - Book 1
Publication Date: May 1, 2015
Publisher: Wild Hearts Press
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Print Length: 338 pages
Available from: Amazon

A Dark Shifter Alpha…
Dion, alpha of a clan of river shapeshifters, has had enough. The sun fae queen has seduced many of his best warriors, leaving them fit for little but fishing and drinking wine, and draining life-energy from all his clan in the process. Then comes the final straw—she works her wiles on his youngest brother. It’s time to turn the tables on the shallow, pleasure-loving queen.

A Jaded Fae Queen…
Cleia is a two-hundred-year-old fae whose powerful glamour gets her any man she wants. But she’s bored. She wants something more—and the river fada men have it. So when she meets the big, untamed river shifter, she sets out to seduce him, even though something in her warns this man is dangerous.
She all but orders him to her bed.
That’s just what Dion is counting on…
SEDUCING THE SUN FAE is a full-length paranormal romance novel, free of cliffhangers, with an HEA. For readers 18+ only.
Seducing the Sun Fae by Rebecca Rivard

Seducing the Sun Fae (The Fada Shapeshifter Series, #1)Welcome to one of the causes of global warming! Grab your ice water, a fan and hang out the do not disturb sign because this fantasy romance is a scorcher filled with tension, clan disputes, flying accusations and enough sensual tension to cut a diamond! Seducing the Sun Fae by Rebecca Rivard doesn’t start out slow and easy, within just a few pages we are thrown in, headfirst into one hot alpha leaders plan to force the Sun Fae’s queen into righting the wrongs she has committed against the Fada river shifter clan. What he didn’t expect was that his power of seduction may have met its match in the vibrant and beautiful Sun Fae. One darkly handsome and powerful alpha and one equally powerful, yet surprisingly kind queen, two races who know little but rumors about each other, sounds like the perfect recipe for further investigation, all in the name of full disclosure and good policy, right? So, of course, private negotiations are in order, but will the truth set them free or will it bind them in ways they could never have imagined? Is Cleia an evil seductress or will Dion be the planned seducer? Passions run deep…

Did Rebecca Rivard use a blowtorch to pen Seducing the Sun Fae? One thing for sure, she has met a wonderful balance between plot and playtime, as she makes each page fly by. Well written, filled with conflict, humor and some very personable characters, her world is a magical place to visit, whether you prefer the light and sparkle of the fae or the bold, rock solid existence of the Fada, this is great fantasy, spiced to perfection.

I received this copy from Rebecca Rivard in exchange for my honest review.



  1. Thanks for reviewing, Dianne! I'm thrilled you liked the novel.