Sunday, June 28, 2015

Soar by Scarlett Dawn (Cold Mark #5)

by Scarlett Dawn

My rating: 5 stars

Series: Cold Mark - Book 5
Publication Date: June 19, 2015
Publisher: Scarlett Dawn
ISBN-13: 9781514631201
Genre: Fantasy romance
Print Length: 104 pages
Available from: Amazon | Barnes & Noble


Braita Valorn is a disaster walking. One mistake after another on the planet Triaz has landed her in trouble time and again. Only Braita’s quick wit has kept her from complete ruin—and her cunning to blackmail the Plumas of the east.

The Plumas of the west own Braita. She is their Soul. But when her ultimate freedom is so close she can taste it, Braita might just ‘own’ them…if her heart doesn’t get in the way.

Or, perhaps, Braita should have followed her heart from the start—to one set of Plumas who are her perfect match.

Will Braita obtain her freedom? Or will she finally accept a life she never asked for?

Soar by Scarlett Dawn (Cold Mark #5)

Soar (Cold Mark, #5)Perfectly titled, Scarlett Dawn’s Soar is the final installment in The Cold Mark Saga and Braita has grown into quite a young woman, able to use her quick wit and sometimes baffling line of thinking to get what she wants, freedom! Talk about using both her brains and beauty to their best advantage! Seriously, Braita has managed to trip herself up so often, that the new improved Braita is like watching a phoenix rise from the ashes! Is there more to her than has been revealed? Is it possible that she has more in common with her new world than meets the eye? Not always the nicest or most mature of heroines, Braita and company was always entertaining, comical and even smoking hot! Perhaps it was finding true soulmates? They say love sets one free, then again, this IS Braita we are talking about!

Scarlett Dawn has created a wonderful ending, giving Braita a feeling of freedom and personal power while keeping it light and chuckle-filled! Each character brings their own personality to the table, and lends a quirky, fun feel to this last book in the series. Enter Scarlett Dawn’s wonderfully creative world, as each book unfolds to reveal another layer of intrigue, danger, and Braita’s own brand of charm. Quick reading, awesome fantasy entertainment and great escape reading!

I received this copy from Scarlett Dawn in exchange for my honest review.

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