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Son of Dragons by Andrea R. Cooper (Legends of Oblivion, #2)

Son of Dragons
by Andrea R. Cooper

My rating: 5 stars

Series: Legends of Oblivion - Book 2
Publication Date: April 28, 2014
Publisher: Crimson Romance
ISBN: 1440581258
Genre: Fantasy Romance
Print Length: 262 pages
Available from: Amazon | Barnes & Noble

In a time of false peace, the dead rise as soldiers for the Warloc's scheme. For thousands of years he has stood ready for the final battle. Though the witch and her cursed Elvin have destroyed his physical body, now with his protégé, he has honed a new way to wage war.
Shunned by her own people and weary-hearted from centuries of lost loves, Elvin warrior Mirhana scours the land to silence the undead. Her heart has turned as cold as the sword she wields, until a prince seeks her aid.
Never has Prince Landon met a woman like Mirhana. Both beautiful and deadly, she haunts his dreams. The battle at hand becomes more enchanting than fighting to remain true to his unseen betrothed.
When a traitor emerges, new alliances are tested and the only remaining hope is to follow the prophecy and find the . . . Son of Dragons.
Sensuality Level: Sensual

Son of Dragons by Andrea R. Cooper

Son of Dragons (Legends of Oblivion, #2)Fantasies invite us to leave the world we know behind and revel in the unbelievable, in the over-the top heroics of people from other realms, and to live in scenes and places fresh from the wilds of the human imagination. Andrea R. Cooper’s Son of Dragons is like falling into another realm, another reality and becoming part of a tale filled with war, magic and creatures that represent the very essence of fantasy! Elves, witches, vampyres and more, light versus dark, the living versus the undead. Mirhana has been raised and trained by witches to be a warrior and she has slain the undead. Landon is a prince on a mission to discover why the undead are killing of those in his father’s kingdom. Prophecy claims that one will arise to defeat evil, but who is that unknown warrior and will they be able to defeat evil on their own or will allies come forward to aid in the salvation of the land?

Clear your minds and enter Andrea R. Cooper’s world a she fills your head with visions of battles, the assault of smells and of the undead and the bravery of the warriors who accept the adventure of a lifetime in spite of the dangers involved. Filled with the vivid descriptions and scenes of a world far from our reality, Ms. Cooper allows us to become part of her world and stand toe to toe with her amazing characters as each page rushes past while burrowing deeper and deeper into her tale. The hints of romance and in a time of grave peril and deceit only make this tale more dimensional and harder to leave behind when that last page whispers past.

I received this copy of Son of Dragons from Andrea R. Cooper in exchange for my honest review.

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