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The Fling by Elle J. Lawson

The Fling
by Elle J. Lawson

My rating: 4 stars

Publication Date: April 3, 2015
Publisher: Self-Published
ISBN-13: 9780692390788
Genre: Romantic Erotica
Print Length: 241 pages
Available from: Amazon | Barnes & Noble
Her future awaits... Study-abroad student Amy Presgraves is full of excitement when she leaves for Greece, ready to start a new chapter in her academic life. A scenic romp to Athens is just what the doctor ordered, but she learns more than medicine from her professor, Dr. Dimitri Speros--a married man with the physique of a Greek god. Amy wants to deny her attraction to him, but, bizarrely encouraged by Lydia, Dimitri's wife, she finally finds herself unable to resist the staggering passion that she feels. But what starts out as a breezy summer fling becomes a struggle for happily ever after when Amy and Dimitri are faced with the ultimate betrayal. Together, they must learn to trust in order for their love to survive. New Adult Contemporary Romance with **Mature Content** Recommended for 17+ due to mature language and adult situations.

 The Fling by Elle J. Lawson

The FlingWhen will I learn NOT to assume I know what to expect in a tale when I am halfway through it? The Fling by Elle J. Lawson takes us from the halls of higher education to the coast of Greece with one recently6 graduated nurse heads for a conference on medical aid around the world. Nowhere did the brochure say the professor in charge who looks like a Greek god or that he would make young Amy get all creative with graphic fantasies about this older, married man. Dimitri is not blind to the attraction between Amy and himself, the heat level is combustible, and fanning the flames is none other than Dimitri’s wife, yes, that’s right! How can either of them do what Lydia wants? Isn’t it a little odd to be encouraged to commit adultery by the potential victim of their lust?

Too bad flings never stay simple, or just a fond memory, for every action, there is a reaction or consequence and for Dimitri, Lydia and Amy, that consequence is life-changing as this triangle of lovers faces an uncertain future and the instability of one person who has the power to crush what they have created.

Elle J. Lawson knows how to sear each page with passionate lust, sensual connections and one of the most unusual twists to a story I have ever come across! The best part? She does it in such a way that it feels sadly real, as this tale plays out with a touch of a “small world” story, a lover desperate to give one special gift to the one she loves and the dramatic actions that take place after the fact. Yes, there are steaming and explicit sensual scenes, but they fall far into the background as this tale unfolds in a maze of events that flash past, leaving the reader’s heart racing to catch up! Spice, intrigue, desperation and deep emotional connections, they are all here and Ms. Lawson makes them magnetic reading. 4 Stars

I received this copy from Elle J. Lawson in exchange for my honest review.


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