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The Haunting of Hex House by Jackson Dean Chase

The Haunting of Hex House
by Jackson Dean Chase

My rating: 5 stars

Series: Young Adult Horror - Book 3
Publication Date: February 3, 2015
Publisher: Jackson Dean Chase, Inc.; 1 edition
Genre: YA Horror
Print Length: 70 pages
Available from: Amazon | Barnes & Noble
You don't own the house... It owns you!

What is the secret of the ancient mansion that broods on the hill? Why is everyone afraid to enter?

Sixteen-year-old Deb Gordon's mom is a realtor who doesn't believe the local legends about Hex House. When her mom disappears inside the mansion, her daughter must follow. What Deb finds will shock you, will tear the sanity from your skull and send it screaming into darkness...

This is a unique and horrifying haunted house ghost story that will live in your nightmares forever!

The Haunting of Hex House by Jackson Dean Chase

The Haunting of Hex House (Young Adult Horror, #3)I admit it! I was hooked from the blurb, which put the pressure on author Jackson Dean Chase to live up to the hype. Can he do it? The Haunting of Hex House is one more quick, but not painless journey into the dark side of ya fantasy, horror. Local legends have it that Hex House is haunted or that evil lives within. Realtors won’t touch it, so there it sits; empty and alone until a new realtor in town gets it dumped in her lap. Deb is a sixteen year old girl and her mom went up to Hex House to get a feel for the place, but she never came home. Determined to find her mother, in spite of the tales of terror regarding the house, Deb enters and what she discovers could turn even a good realtor off from taking a listing.

Is Hex House evil or is it “just an empty house” with a sad story behind it? Poor Deb, rule #1, do NOT go into a hexed house…
Do I think Jackson Dean Chase lived up to his hype? (Shivers) Yes, definitely, I even thought there could have been more, more, more! This short tale is more fuel for "scary story night" with friends. Looking for a new home? Look first, read later, unless you like to live life on the edge! Mr. Chase can tell a tale, and make it stick in your mind, another great YA thriller for moments when you have little time and nerves of steel!

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