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Veiled Shadows by Morgan Wylie (The Age of Alandria #2)

Veiled Shadows
by Morgan Wylie

My rating: 5 stars

Series: The Age of Alandria - Book 2
Publication Date: October 1, 2013
Publisher: Morgan Wylie
Genre: YA Fantasy
Print Length: 360 pages
Available from: Barnes and Noble KoboSmashwords
Shadows linger where light is obstructed, and truth is veiled.

Evil is an untreated disease in the once beautiful realm of Alandria.

Kaeleigh is faced with a revelation that she must reconcile. She will decide if discovering the truth is worth the unknown consequences to both herself and her friends.

Daegan, the Ferrishyn warrior, is conflicted by more than his loyalties, and is confronted with emotions he doesn’t know how to deal with. A choice must be made. A choice… that may cost him more than he ever wanted to give.

The Droch-ShĂșil—enforcers and servants of the ancient darkness—continue to cast their shadow over Alandria seeking those who can be turned to their side.

The magic of The Orchids is growing, but not everyone will survive what is to come.

Veiled Shadows is the second installment in The Age of Alandria series: the story of the Sol-lumieth’s quest for freedom of self and the power to battle the evil of the Droch-ShĂșil.

 Veiled Shadows by Morgan Wylie

Veiled Shadows (The Age of Alandria, #2)Too many revelations, too much pressure, too many unanswered questions and too many left unasked, the realm of Alandria seems to be overwhelming Kaeleigh as precious gifts are given and taken away far too quickly. Her life is in constant danger and even with all the protections afforded her, evil is looming closer. Is Kaeleigh strong enough to come fully into her powers? The tension between Daegan and Finn mounts, and only their desire to keep Kaeleigh safe stops them from having a knuckle-dragging showdown. Has Finn gone beyond protector in his feelings towards Kaeleigh? Daegan struggles with the dark powers he is controlled by as well as the truth that lays in his heart. Chel struggles with her shifter abilities and coming into her own powers, but all would give their lives to keep Kaeleigh safe. Sparks fly between Daegan and Kaeleigh, literally, is this the time to court new love? When a stranger joins them, they must decide if he can be trusted, and if what he says is true. All this while on the run just trying to stay alive…and understand the words of The Orchids.

Morgan Wylie has just raised her own bar, having done the set-up in book one, Veiled Shadows takes off at a gallop just as Silent Orchids crosses the finish line for the next leg of this magical journey in a realm where magical beings reside. So much imagery, so much conflict and so many unknowns, Morgan Wylie avoids the Info dump trap with steady streams of valuable tidbits inter-mixed with new questions raised and new actions taken in this non-stop tale of good versus evil as Alandria awaits their savior. As this series grows, so does the author’s ability to hold her readers entranced in her world. Geared to young adults, I cannot imagine any age not getting bound to the glamor of Ms. Wylie’s words.

I received this copy from the author in exchange for my honest review.


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