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Words Once Spoken by Carly Drake (The Huntress #1)

Words Once Spoken
by Carly Drake

My rating: 4 stars

Series: The Huntress - Book 1
Publication Date: October 1, 2013
Publisher: Escape Publishing - Harlequin Enterprises, Australia Pty Ltd
ISBN 9780857990822
Genre: YA Fantasy | Sci-fi
Print Length: 143 pages
Available from: Amazon | Barnes & Noble

 Evelyn might not love the confines of her village life, but she takes her small freedoms where she can get them. But everything changes when her parents decide it’s time for her to wed. Suddenly she loses her tunic and breeches, her bow, her horse, and gains rigid gowns, restrictive manners, and carriage rides.

The best way to escape is through her dreams, but as they become more and more real, Evelyn begins to worry that she is losing her grasp on reality. It is only when she makes two new friends that the truth is revealed: she is destined for far, far more than even she could imagine.

 Words Once Spoken by Carly Drake

Words Once Spoken (Words Once Spoken, #1)We all have times when we don’t seem to quite fit in, but for Evelyn, it was a constant feeling that she just wasn’t right for the life she lived. Preferring breeches and the feel of nature all around her, her horse underneath her, Evelyn’s free spirited life came to an abrupt halt when her cold and uncaring mother decides it’s time for her to make her debut into society as a lady in waiting to the princess, complete with gowns, feminine primping and total confinement indoors, acting like a “lady.” Only by escaping into her thoughts and reams can she make it through this personal torment, but are her dreams beginning to overtake her reality? Who is she becoming, a lost soul or the true being she was meant to be? Has the life she has been living been the fantasy and the life she was meant to live only now being revealed?

Words Once Spoken by Carly Drake is a beautifully detailed journey for one “misfit” who finds her true destiny far beyond her wildest dreams, and yet it all make so much sense and it all feels so right. Ms. Drake has given us a strong-willed, yet very level-headed heroine who seems so relieved to find answers in her life that she handles them well, with a maturity that surpasses her youth. Filled with magical beings, a magical world and a sense of belonging for our heroine, the pacing through Evelyn’s “true” life seems much more rapid and has a feeling of being alive, as opposed to the “regular” pacing of the life she had been enduring. Carly Drake has painted a wonderful tale with her words about a girl who discovers her own magical fate and a touch of romance.

I received this copy from Escape Publishing in exchange for my honest review.

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