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Afraid of Her Shadow by Carol Maloney Scott

Afraid of Her Shadow
by Carol Maloney Scott

My rating: 5 stars

Publication Date: July 19, 2015
Publisher: Carol Maloney Scott
Genre: Romantic Comedy
Print Length: 335 pages
Available from: Amazon
Afraid of Her Shadow is the story of Rebecca, Claire's work friend from There Are No Men. This funny and heart-warming novel features many of the cast from the Bella Donna Press world, plus a bunch more quirky, endearing...and maddening new characters. This is a STANDALONE novel, as well as a continuation of the wacky and relatable saga of the ladies of Bella Donna Press.

Forty something, self-proclaimed cougar, Rebecca is committed only to her cats and her career. Her veteran single girl lifestyle has been peaceful and happy – that is until she started dating age-appropriate Steve, an entomology professor with a sweet smile and demeanor to match. Who knew an insect scientist could be so appealing?

The problem? Steve is a widower with baggage to spare. Memories of his late wife fill his home. Smiling photos and jars of bugs serve as constant reminders of Steve’s continued attachment to his dearly departed wife, Noreen, who shared his passion for creepy crawlies!

Now that Rebecca is facing her commitment phobia by moving in with Steve, she is becoming more unhinged. Behaving more like her zany friends than her level-headed self, she burns her butt at the tanning salon, crashes on energy drinks, and even loses a hamster. Throw into the mix a few delusional relatives, a sarcastic teenager, and a fluffy dog who sheds a new dog every day, and Rebecca doesn’t recognize her old self.

And if that isn’t enough to push her over the edge, her smokin’ hot ex returns, reminding her of a simpler time with a man who carries no more baggage than a wallet.  

 Afraid of Her Shadow by Carol Maloney Scott

Afraid of Her ShadowWhat happens when a cougar, committed to her single girl status and all of its perks falls for a baggage-laden widower whose home is haunted by the memories of his late wife and hundreds of “bugs-in-a-bottle?” Rebecca is part of the crew at Bella Donna Press, and has never longed for the picket fence, the 2 am feedings or any of the trappings of wifedom in suburbia.

Who knew Steve would capture her heart? Who knew Steve’s late wife would be her biggest competition for his soul? His home is like an encapsulated shrine to his wife and like a man, he doesn’t realize how uncomfortable it can be to open one’s eyes from and intense lovemaking session only to see the glaring eyes of a woman departed from this earth. The more comfortable Steve gets with Rebecca, the more he talks and reminisces about his wife. What was she, a saint with a bug fetish? When a sexy blast from her past comes back into her life, Rebecca may start hovering too close to the flame, only to flirt with being burned, again.

Does she put up with the constant reminders of the ghost that haunts Steve’s house, reliving the horrors of ghost stories from her past or should she risk losing this wonderful man with an ultimatum. How many strikes does he get against him before she walks? Why does her heart keep bringing her back?

Afraid of Her Shadow by Carol Maloney Scott is an endearing story of love and choices for two people, old enough to be set in their ways yet young enough at heart to struggle with all of the pitfalls of new love. Spiced with humor, quirky characters and very few “normal” ones, Rebecca’s life becomes like a game of Whack-A-Mole as one thing after enough seems to pop up just as she has beaten down the last obstacle on the bumpy road of love! Great friends share her anguish, providing humor and lighthearted banter in this twisted tale of romantic comedy. Let’s not forget Rebecca’s internal dialogue, from her hair to her bikini body hidden under a few layers of love handles to her scolding herself for being upset with a man who goes from caring lover to clueless Neanderthal in seconds. Funny, romantic and sometimes a touch sad, this is Chick Lit for the beach, the couch, and just for the fun of it!

I received this copy from Carol Maloney Scott in exchange for my honest review.


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