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Beneath the Silence by Charlene Carr

Beneath the Silence
by Charlene Carr

My rating: 5 stars

Publication Date: Paperback - June 9, 2015 eBook - July 7, 2015
Publisher: Coastal Lines
ISBN-10: 0993923860
ISBN-13: 978-0993923869
Genre: Women's Fiction
Paperback: 300 pages
Available from: Amazon
Secrets have consequences. If given the power, they will lead you into a life you never dreamed of or wanted.

Brooke Lake is a girl caught in a town and a life she yearns to escape. Full of anger, fear, and questions without answers, she runs from her problems only to lose herself in a world that’s too much for her.

Molly Shirley is a woman without a past and no foreseeable future. Her body is her best commodity, so she does whatever she has to do to survive.

Broken by lies, Brooke and Molly must explore the parts of themselves they would rather keep secret. Only by confronting the past can they develop the strength to create a life of their own making—a life where love and forgiveness never come too late.

Beneath the Silence by Charlene Carr

Beneath the SilenceRaw emotions will boil over as you turn each page of Beneath the Silence by Charlene Carr. Young Brooke Lake ran, away from the hate, the pain and the betrayals in her life. Away from her best friend and the boy she loved. Alone, only fifteen, she was overpowered by the metropolis of Montreal, until her “savior” arrived, taking her in and slowly introducing her to a world that wanted her only for her body. That day Brooke died and Molly was born. Used and ogled by men, sneered at by women, alone and living a lie. When she thought she had found love, her lies caught up with her and her world was, once again, crushed. So she ran again, to the only place she could think of, to the life she had hated and to the man she left when they were children.
What would returning “home” bring her? Peace? Ghosts from the past? Renewal? Or would Molly’s past find Brooke and continue the vicious cycle of her messed up life? Is there any way for a do-over in Brooke’s life?

Charlene Carr has written a dark and frightening tale of one runaway’s story of life in a dark world where survival becomes its own form of hell and redemption seems impossible. Brooke was lucky, she had the chance to go home, but what she did with that chance was up to her.

Vivid mental, emotional and physical descriptions highlight this tale as we are invited into the honest thoughts of Brooke/Molly and witness the changes she was forced to acknowledge. From seedy characters to those in her same boat, Ms. Carr’s characters are alive, sometimes brutally treated and become part of the fiber of this wickedly woven drama. Ms. Carr doesn’t ask us to like her characters or to understand their actions, but she has presented an intriguing drama that in turn, repels and magnetizes one to each page.

I received an ARC edition of the eBook version from Charlene Carr in exchange for my honest review.

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  1. Sounds really good! Intriguing, suspenseful, and spooky!