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Bridged by Love by Nancy Corrigan (Kagan Wolves, #1)

Bridged by Love
by Nancy Corrigan

My rating: 4 stars

Series: Kagan Wolves - Book 1
Publication Date: July 21, 2015
Publisher: Samhain Publishing, Ltd
Genre: Adult PNR
Print Length: 207 pages
Available from: Amazon | Barnes & Noble
Follow his head, he breaks her heart. Follow his heart… he breaks his pack.

From the moment he was born, Nic Kagan’s future was sealed. He’ll accept a mate, have kids, and eventually take over his father’s role as pack alpha. There’s just one problem.

Long ago, his heart settled on Riley, the pack’s human doctor and honorary member. Except only half of him can have her. The other half—his wolf—won’t give a weak non-shifter female a second sniff.

No one—human or shifter—has left a mark on Riley’s soul like Nic. But with his father hospitalized, any hope things could work out between them is slipping away. Yet Riley understands something else about pack life. Power isn’t always a physical gift; love is just as strong. What she and Nic have is worth fighting for.

With rival threats mounting, Nic realizes he can’t simply turn his back on Riley. Though his wolf could tear his heart out for it, he must fight for what he wants before he loses his mate. His pack. Maybe even his sanity.

Warning: Contains a reluctant alpha with only one roadblock between his heart and the woman he loves—biology. And a woman who isn’t giving up on him, even if it means risking her life to fool Mother Nature.

 Bridged by Love by Nancy Corrigan (Kagan Wolves, #1)

Bridged by Love (Kagan Wolves, #1)Looks like Nancy Corrigan is out to bring those sexy alpha shifters in to the 21st century, snapping and snarling or not with a fresh attitude on pack versus forbidden love. Bridged by Love is a sometimes frustrating, angst-filled tale of two lovers, duty to the pack and duty to the heart, with no in-between, one or the other, period.

Long ago Nic and Riley were young and in love, life and circumstances pulled them apart, but now Riley and Nic are brought together again, she the human doctor to shifters in secret, a veterinarian to the world, he the future alpha of his pack when his father can no longer lead. Law number one: the pack leader MUST take a shifter mate, make a baby. Nic wants Riley, but she can only be his sideline plaything. Together they struggle to come to terms, or find a way around this law as their emotional and physical need for each other are expressed dancing in the sheets. As the pack is currently weakening, threats from the outside may force Nic’s hand while breaking his heart and there is no end to the challenges for leader.

Nancy Corrigan has a new take on shifters, being an alpha, facing the duties of an alpha and sacred pack law. Riley is one tough cookie to have to face their bleak future and making sure she gets what she wants right now, no strings attached, except for those painful heartstrings. Nic brings the angst, caught between his heart and his duty while satellite characters have their own agendas, some good, some sneaky and some dangerous.

We all know shifters are sexual beings and there is no shortage of that between Nic and Riley as they grasp for the time they have in reckless abandon, although I would have liked to see more time for the development of characters that seem to hold a pivotal place in their future. I’m guessing Nancy Corrigan has a plan we can’t see and she has cleverly set the hook, ready to reel us in with more in this new series!

I received an ARC edition from Nancy Corrigan in exchange for my honest review.

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