Monday, July 13, 2015

Girls of Summer: A ChickLit Anthology by Amy Gettinger,S.E. Babin, Geralyn Corcillo, Celia Kennedy, Tracy Krimmer, Lisa Bambrick, Engy Albasel Neville, Cindy Flores Martinez, Karan Eleni

Girls of Summer
A ChickLit Anthology
by S.E. Babin and MORE!

My rating: 5 stars

Publication Date: July 7, 2015
Genre: ChickLit
Print Length: 204 pages
Available from: Amazon
Celebrate summer, the season where emotions run as hot as the weather! Enjoy this collection of sweet and sassy journeys where eight women figure out what’s next with the help of a special red bikini.

Meet a flustered florist in Texas who is getting too much attention from the wrong person. A house-sitting college student finds herself wondering what to do when a surprise guest arrives. A champion surfer riding swells from one luscious beach to the next contemplates life, while a mix tape fan roller-skates all night long. An American au pair finds mystery on the French Riviera while others escape a retreat in order to find adventure on Maui. Living large and small, a young lady from New York City sets sail from the Hamptons and a small-town girl discovers the delights of a Polish bakery.

These are the fabulous Girls of Summer, all enjoying lazy summer days and the prospect of romance. Watch out for those red bikinis!

Girls of Summer: A ChickLit Anthology 
by  Amy Gettinger, S.E. Babin, Geralyn Corcillo, Celia Kennedy, Tracy Krimmer,  Lisa Bambrick, Engy Albasel Neville, Cindy Flores Martinez, Karan Eleni

Girls of Summer: A ChickLit AnthologyGrab your umbrella drink, the sunscreen, oh heck, make a pitcher of a frothy, fruity concoction, and use each tale as a guide to flip, re-apply sunscreen or wiggle your toes in the water! Not a fan of anthologies? Trust me, you will be after reading this fluffy, funny, and delightful group of short summer romance tales! The Girls of Summer: A ChickLit Anthology is the ultimate in summertime reading! Short stories of love, sometimes quirky, sometimes sweet, sometimes across the globe, and sometimes a little insane, each short story will leave you smiling and feeling good about summer, summer love and sunny days! For you mystery lovers, there is even one brief tale with a bit of danger and intrigue, but not enough to bring dark clouds to this sunny collection! Girls falling out of windows, not quite caught by the guy, ouch! A house sitter who gets a special delivery that requires, tender care and feeding, even food can be the glue for love! Ladies, um, past their first flower of youth, gotcha covered! Something for everyone! Its summer! Have fun! Feel the love! Have a few chuckles!

Did I have a favorite? Yep, am I telling which one it was, as always with anthologies…nope. I can say I was impressed with each tale! What makes each story come to life in its own way, while carrying a theme of summer love? A red bikini, used in ways you wouldn’t even think of!

All around great reading, one story at a time! Enjoy the summer of the red bikini without having to suck in your gut or get sand in your suit!

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