Friday, July 3, 2015

Gore Girls: Twisted Tales & Poems by Jackson Dean Chase (Young Adult Horror Book 4)

Gore Girls
Twisted Tales & Poems
by Jackson Dean Chase

My rating: 5 stars

Series: Young Adult Horror - Book 4
Publication Date: March 13, 2015
Publisher: Jackson Dean Chase, Inc
Genre: Horror | YA | Short Stories
Print Length: 134 pages
Available from: Amazon | Barnes & Noble

Beware! These pages are packed with zombies, demons, witches, and worse!
Get ready for the most disgusting, insane tales ever...
    MY OWN DECISIONS: During the zombie apocalypse, two sisters are trapped in an attic with the boy of their dreams. What could possibly go wrong?
    A BAD PERSON: When "Fatty Patty" kills herself, something horrible begins to happen to the girls who bullied her.
    I MELT WITH YOU: Four teens find a fallen meteorite in the woods... and the oozing alien menace inside!
    THE GIFT OF FLESH: When the most popular senior confesses his love to goth-girl Heather, she never suspects the shocking truth.
    DEATH MASK: Little sisters can be such pests--especially when they summon demons!
    TO LOVE AND OBEY: Never accept an invitation to an Egyptian feast...
    UGLY IS THE NEW HOT: When the bombs drop and you're the only girl left, can you still find love?
Plus morbid poems for damaged minds...
Gore Girls: Twisted Tales & Poems by Jackson Dean Chase

Gore Girls: Twisted Tales & Poems (Young Adult Horror, #4)I bet the best compliment Jackson Dean Chase could receive for Gore Girls: Twisted Tales & Poems is that his tales and his poems are dark, disturbing and the perfect fodder for nightmares! Top that off with the fact that he writes for young adults from a female perspective and well, the creep factor soars, because these teens, at first blush seem as regular as any student walking down the hallowed halls of education.

Is it possible that young love can be deadly? That sibling rivalry hastens a zombie apocalypse? That bullying, vanity and revenge can humble even the most vicious of teen girls? Is it a drink best served cold? You think YOUR little sister was a demon? Ever dreamed of being the only girl left in the world, think it’s as dreamy as you imagine, could you re-make yourself into a survivor? Let's not forget the poetry, dark, sometimes morbid, not exactly sonnets of love, but for the twisted minds, they are words of dark beauty.

Yep, Jackson Dean Chase has found a place on my shelf, the dark corner, where I hide my twisted little secrets. Each short story is shock-worthy, full of evil shadows and deeds as young human minds are distorted and wrenched into monsters or lost in madness. Each story will also haunt you as you see the jagged pieces of youth, the actions (possibly yours) and terrifying reactions that you, thankfully never faced…but, what if?

Jackson Dean Chase boldly goes where few writers dare, have you the stomach to follow?

I received this copy of Gore Girls: Twisted Tales & Poems from Jackson Dean Chase in exchange for my honest review.