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Hearts in the Vortex by Amber Polo

Hearts in the Vortex
by Amber Polo

My rating: 4 stars

Publication Date: April 10, 2014
Publisher: Wordshaping
ISBN-13: 2940046072877
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Print Length: 214 pages
Available from: Amazon | Barnes & Noble

An Arizona paranormal romance...
Contemporary paranormal romantic comedy...

The Most Unromantic Woman in the World Falls in Love - with Two Men - in One Body
No-nonsense attorney Rebecca Dumaurier battles for famous romance writers. But in the Sedona vortex romance spins out of control with a shy trance channeler and a pirate from another time.

Hearts in the Vortex by Amber Polo

Hearts in the VortexArizona, the land of sun, heat, cowboys, cacti and spirits, at least in Sedona, a town caught in a mystical vortex where anything can happen. Follow the tale of two strangers, one is an over-starched cliché of the tough, smart, New York attorney, Rebecca Dumaurer, whose idea of roughing it means no room service after midnight. The other is a famous author of spiritual channeling books. Oh, Tom Paxton also allows other spirits to enter his body. See where the paranormal comes in? Oh, reality makes this even better!

Seems that Tom’s ex-wife/manager is a few cards short of a full deck as she manipulates both Tom and their daughter into a dog and pony show to bring in, not only sales, but money from those wishing to connect with the dead. But Tom has his own agenda, get custody of his daughter and end this charade. When Rebecca, who is escaping from a bad engagement for all of the wrong reasons “bumps” into Tom, the spirits of Sedona begin playing Cupid. Should be a story of boy meets girl, etc., etc. but nooooo, a dark spirit is after Rebecca, too and the voice that has lived in her head since she was a child is telling to be careful. When the past collides with the present, Rebecca must decide if she loves two men or is losing her mind! Not enough? An attorney’s work is never done…

Hearts in the Vortex by Amber Polo is a twisted journey through the mystical, the unexplainable, and of course, love. Have Rebecca and Tom been destined to meet? Or has fate got other plans for them? With humor, a bit of Woo-woo and some great writing, Amber Polo has Sedona on the map for love, mayhem and madness as she brings two polar opposites together and forces them to figure things out. Will they figure out the puzzle that is haunting them in time? What about the ex-fiance? The ex-wife? Great poolside, backyard or easy chair reading, not too dark with splashes of humor throughout!

I received this copy from Amber Polo in exchange for my honest review.

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